On this page, we summarize all the currently available workshops. For more information about the content of each workshop, please contact Jaap (jaap@ucme.international). If you are interested in organizing any of these workshops in your area, please contact Gary (760-560-7934 or at gary@ucme.international). If you are interested in participating in any of the workshops, please check our Calendar.

  • Release Fear (1 day)
  • Optimize your Brain (1 day)
  • A New View on Chakras (2 days)
  • Our Trinity System: A Path to Oneness (1 day)
  • Understanding our Essence and Spiritual Journey (Workshop with the Sidhe) (1 day)
  • Expanding consciousness and raising vibrations: Collaborations with and learning from the Sidhe (1 day)
  • Consciousness Levels and Ascension (2 days)
  • Healing and balancing the Subtle Energy Bodies of our Physical System (1 day)
  • Healing with Photons (1 day)
  • Crystal Skulls: A Journey to Oneness (1 or 2 days)
  • Crystalline Energies; A deepening of Understanding (1 day)
  • Crystalline Energies and the New World (1 day)
  • Dowsing Earth Energies (2 days)
  • Unicorns (1 day)
  • Dragon workshop series
    – Dragons 1: mastering Duality
    – Dragons 2: Mastering Oneness
    – Dragon 3: Mastering the Elements (Primordial Dragons)
    – Dragon 4: The Master Dragons
    – Dragon 5: The Cosmic Dragons


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Email: info@ucme.international

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