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As mentioned under Goals, UCME supports research and the development of educational and training programs. These activities are part of the University for Metaphysical Ecology (UME). While already many activities on subjects of Metaphysical Ecology, such as workshops, lectures, retreats, programs, and an online course, have been developed by the organizations that are part of the UCME platform (Lemurantis and Metaphysical Ecology), we will integrate these activities into the UME program.

UME will develop organically. Metaphysical Ecology is a very extensive subject. Therefore, we will make choices based on guidance from our hearts, and based on time, available resources, and what in a synchronistic way presents itself as a priority.

Also, UME will not develop as a traditional University. The programs of UME will be part of many institutions and will be for people of every age, from children to seniors. There will be basic and advanced programs on the different subjects of Metaphysical Ecology. Ultimately, the UME will be the Earth and all that live on it, in which every being, and every individual will always be both teacher and student. However, before that is a reality, UME will develop some basic programs that will create the foundation on which UME can build and develop organically.

The UME overall program has the same components as mentioned under the goal of UCME. That leads to four major programs, as indicated in.

The function of all four programs is personal development, understanding the world in which we live, and how we, through collaboration, can develop a new world in which we all live in harmony, love, and peace through co-creation: the Fifth World.

What follows is a short description of the four major programs and a description of the elements that we developed so far.

Program 1: Personal Development: A Path to Connection

This program forms a basis for personal development, the awakening of our potential, and the raising of our vibration. This development is essential for anybody who wants to work with metaphysical subjects and learn to work with subtle worlds, beings, and energies. We developed already several subjects in the form of workshops and an online course. Also, there are some books and several articles that support the program.

We separate the program into the following main subjects.

Working with Fears

To be able to work with subtle worlds, beings, and energies, we need to develop certain skills. We can not develop these skills if we have not sufficiently transformed our fear-based energies and the functional survival strategies that we developed to deal with these fears. People seem to be interested in working with their fears when these fears affect their functioning in daily life. However, when that seems to be no longer the case, most people believe that it is not worthwhile to work with their fears, even though it restricts the development of many of their abilities and qualities. Working with fears is so important that the first online course we developed is Live Without Fear. For anybody who wants to develop their potential, and wants to contribute to the development of the new world, we highly recommend this online course. For more information, click here [refer to the page online courses].

A Path to Connection, phase 1: Basic Skills

The first phase of A Path to Connection contains some fundamental subjects. It consists of four workshops that all help to develop skills needed to help you to develop your unique qualities, and to work with subtle worlds, beings, and energies. These four workshops are:

  • Develop your Extrasensory Perception through Dowsing Earth Energies
  • A New View on Chakras
  • Become a Conscious Creator
  • Develop and Harmonize Your Brains

For more information on the workshops in this first phase, click here. [Refer to A Path to Connection page]

A Path to Connection, Phase 2: Consciousness

This second phase focuses mainly on Consciousness. First, we look at the consciousness of our world as we currently experience it. We also look at the consciousness of our ancestors in the previous three worlds. To experience these different aspects of our consciousness, which consists of 12 levels, we developed a workshop. At this moment, we gave this workshop in The Netherlands and Denmark, and it will be offered soon in the United States.

When we talk about human consciousness, we can no longer restrict that to humans as we know and see them, the more than 7 billion people on Earth. Besides them, there are our relatives, the Sidhe ( see Birth of a New Consciousness; for more information, click here [link to]), who are out of phase with our vibration, and therefore invisible for almost all people. Also, there are the Inner Earth People. The Sidhe and Inner Earth People started to work together and formed a council. This council is aware that humans are needed to create a new world and want to connect and work together with humanity. To do that, they suggested developing nine steps that help to unite all humans, whatever their frequency, so that they all can direct their consciousness for the greater good of all.

We started the development of the first of the nine steps.

Crystal skulls

Crystal skulls are tools to help us to connect with the collective crystal skull field. This field holds a blueprint for the next phase of human development. While everyone can work and meditate with crystal skulls, it requires training to connect with the higher frequencies of crystals skulls needed to tap more fully into this collective field. UME developed already several workshops that support this process. Working with crystal skulls also is an important step for those who would like to work with crystalline energies, which is part of the second program of UME. There are two books on Crystal Skulls available. For more information, click here. [link to]

Program 2: Crystalline and Other Earth Energies

The purpose of this program is to understand the energies of the earth, which form our subtle energetic environment to allow us to function optimally and to work with these energies as a way to co-create the new, fifth world.

The foundation of all Earth energies is the crystalline grid system. The purpose of this system is to create a basis that will make the development of the Earth through the Morphogenetic Field possible. All other grid systems are in between these two. They weave a network of connections that will make it possible to bring the potential that is in the Morphogenetic Field into reality, raising the vibration of the Earth and all that lives on her to enable ascension and the creation of the new world.

In this program, we will work with the crystalline grids and the many other grids that help us and the earth to grow to an optimal state. The morphogenetic systems are part of Program 3. This Program includes the following main subjects.

Crystalline grids

The crystalline grids reflect the overall condition of Mother Earth. When we study these grids, it becomes clear that the overall frequency of Mother Earth has suffered from our activities. In this program, we study, share about, and work with these grids to help restore the grids and increase their overall frequency to create a basis for optimal functioning of the other grid systems to support the ascension of the planet.

There are several workshops and activities. We will expand these activities soon. The restoration of the damaged crystalline grids has priority, and so does the expansion of the scale on which this will take place.

Earth Energies

It s essential to study, describe, and work with the different grids and vortexes of the different subtle energy systems of Mother Earth. These energies are important as they form the basic energetic environment in which all beings on Earth live.

Much work has already be done. There is a summary of this research that helps with the understanding of the different grids in the book Gifts of Mother Earth (For more information, click here [link to]. While more studies are needed, this summary helps every human being to connect with these energies to awaken their potential. It also provides information that helps to change and transform subtle energies in their environment and in their system that are not optimal. Mother Earth truly provides all that we need.

Studies of Earth energies help us to understand where to build and where not. It also helps to understand energies in and around existing houses and structures, and what to do to create more optimal situations.

Finally, the use of earth energies can increase the life force in crops. Certain crops grow better at certain places because of the energetic condition, which is not depending on the quality of the soil alone. There is hardly any knowledge or information on this subject.

The workshop dowsing in Program 1 is a great basic training to develop skills to work more optimally with these subtle Earth energies.

Program 3: Morphogenetic systems

The morphogenetic systems have, as every other energy system that is the subject of Program 2, a field, a network of grid lines, and the connecting vortexes. The morphogenetic fields contain the information of the full potential of, for example, the earth, a plant, or an animal, while the grids hold the information of what part of that potential has been realized. Studying these grids makes it clear that the potential of all living beings, including humans, is far greater than currently expressed. It is part of the evolution of the Gaia system to raise the vibration of the Gaia system, which is the planet and all that lives on it, to allow for the expression of more of their potential.

The morphogenetic system has two major components. It consists of the morphogenetic system that holds the potential of the Gaia system as a whole and determines the evolutionary potential of this system. A second major component is the morphogenetic systems for each of the existing species of plants, animals, humans, and all invisible, subtle beings. To understand the beings with whom we share this planet, connecting with their morphogenetic system is the most optimal way. That will lead to a more direct connection and collaboration.

Whales and the morphogenetic system of Gaia

Currently, the whales are the caretakers of the morphogenetic system of Gaia. However, we are supposed to share, and ultimately take over that responsibility. The whales are reaching out to those who feel a resonance to connect with them. They can help us with the expansion of our consciousness, but, even more important, they can help us understand the morphogenetic system of Gaia so we can become optimal co-creators of the new world.

At this moment, we are studying the grids of the whales to develop a workshop to connect deeper with whales. That will create a basis for those who want to deepen their connection with the whales, and study the morphogenetic system, either to be a channel for new information or to share and train others to connect and work with the system.

We also plan to start the study of the different morphogenetic grids of the Gaia system soon.

The morphogenetic systems of all our relatives

Every living being on this planet, whether visible or invisible, is related to every other being. We all are children of Mother Earth, and thus relatives. We need to learn to work with our relatives to create a new world. In this process, every species is important, whether we believe that or not. The fact that it exists indicates that it is an inherent part of the whole and thus important.

Each existing species contributes something to the development of the new world. Therefore, it is important to get to know those with whom we share this world, whether visible or invisible. Especially connecting with invisible beings is still challenging for most people. The grids help us to connect deeper with them and help to understand them. In this way, we studied, for example, whales (workshop in development), dragons (resulting in 5 workshops and a book: Dragons: Guardians of Creative Powers, for more information, click here [link to]), and Unicorns (resulting in a workshop).

We hope to attract others who have an interest in studying the grids to understand better those with whom we share this world.

Program 4: Cosmic Connections and Their Effect on the Gaia system

The Gaia system is part of the Solar system, which is part of the Milky Way, which is part of the Universe. That means that all systems are related and have connections. We call these connections portals. At this moment, we recognize on Earth three types of portals: the ones that connect to star systems from which souls came to Earth to incarnate; the ones that provide information to create diversity in species of plants, trees, and animals; and the ones that bring in the new energies for the new, fifth world.

Portals to star systems from which souls originated

Many indigenous people believe that their ancestors came from the stars. Also, the Sidhe, our relatives that are out of phase with us, believe that they and we originate from certain star systems. Therefore, to understand our essence and that of others, an understanding of the star systems with which we and others are connected is important. The portals connected to these star systems bring in energies that then become part of the energetic make-up of the Gaia system.

Together with the Sidhe, we explored the star systems with which they connect. We also studied the star systems connected to the many ruins of the Pueblo People in the south-west of the United States and churches in NW Europe. We are beginning to see certain patterns that we will explore in more depth.

Portals to star systems that provide information for morphogenetic fields, increasing the diversity of plants and animals

Only recently we have found a few such portals. We are aware that there are many more. The study of these portals is part of our program.

Portals to Star Systems that provide information for the New World

The discovery of these new portals happened very recently, and the study of them is in such an initial phase that we cannot yet provide much information. It feels that the study of these portals and what they bring into the Gaia system will go hand in hand with the developments that will lead to the New World.

The New World

We mentioned the New World many times. Several indigenous predictions tell us that there have been three worlds before us. We are living in the fourth world. According to the prediction, we are in the transition phase from the fourth to the fifth world. Many call this shift into the fifth world ascension. Whatever term we use, they all refer to a state in which the planet, we, and all other beings, go to a higher vibration. The programs of UME support this process, and everyone who chooses to participate actively. We are aware that this process will take many generations. However, it is our responsibility to create a foundation on which the next generations can build. We invite everyone who feels called to participate in a form that feels optimal.


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