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University for Metaphysical Ecology

As mentioned under Goals, UCME supports the development of Educational and training programs. Many activities on subjects of Metaphysical Ecology, such as workshops, lectures retreats, programs, and an online course, have already been developed by the organizations that are part of the UCME platform: Lemurantis and Metaphysical Ecology.  These activities form a foundation for the development of 13 currently defined training programs. These training programs are the essence of the University for Metaphysical Ecology (UME).

UME will not develop as a traditional University. The programs of UME will be part of many institutions and will be developed for people of every age, from children to seniors. There will be basic and advanced programs on the different subjects of Metaphysical Ecology.

Elements within these programs may take a diversity of forms, such as symposiums, webinars, workshops, online courses, and advanced training programs. Ultimately, the University will be the whole planet in which everyone teaches and supports everyone else. We see this development unfold organically.

UCME support the developments of the basic programs for UME as the foundation for this new form of University. The development of these basic training programs forms the first phase of the development of UME.

At this moment, we define the following main programs:

  1. Training for personal development as a basis for other training programs.
  2. Training to become a facilitator for healing and developmental programs to support others to develop and express their potential.
  3. Training to become an Earth Energies guardian and teacher.
  4. Training to become a guardian and caretaker, together with the Whales, of the morphogenetic system as a basis of being a channel or translator of information from the morphogenetic field of Gaia.
  5. Training to work with Crystalline energies.
  6. Training to work, collaborate and co-create with Subtle Worlds and Subtle beings.
  7. Training to collaborate and co-create with Trees
  8. Training to collaborate and co-create with plants
  9. Training to collaborate and co-create with animals
  10. Training to collaborate and co-create with microbiomes
  11. Training to work with portals and the consciousness of the Star Nations

Most of the programs contain already several elements in the form of workshops (see Workshops page), lectures (see Lectures page) and written materials such as books (for more information, click here []  and articles (for example go to the Publications page). Also, UCME created several short video clips (to see those clips, go to the UCME YouTube channel [ ]).  Within the first program, we also offers an online course (for more information, click here).

We focus at the moment primarily on the development of elements of the first program: Training for personal development, as this program forms a basis for all others. Our research, however, has elements of several other programs (see Research page).

Within the first program, Training for Personal Development, we have already quite some material available. Currently, we have the following subjects defined. In the list is indicated what is already available.

  • Live Without Fear (available: Online course, workshop, CD)
  • Live Without Fear 2 (available: workshop)
  • Optimize brain functions (available: workshop)
  • A New View on Chakras (available: workshop, articles)
  • Balancing our subtle systems (available: several workshops, information in books)
  • Awaken the Potential of our DNA
  • Being a conscious Creator (available: several workshops and the Dragon book)
  • Towards a New consciousness in a New World (available: several workshops; articles; Book Birth of a New Consciousness)
  • Developing Intuition and Psychic abilities
  • Meditation
  • Microbiome

We will regularly update this list. You will find details of the currently available workshops, lectures, and online courses we offer on their respective pages.


The Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology is a non-profit organization in the initial phases of development and is depending on donations and sponsorships. If you resonate with our vision and goals and would like to support us with a tax-deductible gift, please click on the button below.

If you would like to discuss options or would like to know more about our activities, please feel free to connect with us. You can do that in the followings ways.
Telephone: Gary Palisch at 760-560-7934

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