The Human Challenge

By Jaap van Etten, PhD

An increasing number of people are on a spiritual path. I have noticed that being on a spiritual journey can oftentimes give people stress, frustration, and feelings of failure instead of joy, happiness, and increasing bliss. Something seems to be challenging, and it does not seem to be easy to define. People give all kinds of different reasons why the spiritual path is challenging. Youth, family, church, society, the collective, they all receive their share of the blame. Does that blame have an aspect of truth, or does it mean that people place power and cause outside of them? In this article, we will look at challenging issues that we all encounter to various degrees.

The collective consciousness

We all live within the consciousness construct of the world in which we live. We may connect to different aspects of it, based on where we are born, and in what tradition we grew up. However, all are aspects of the collective consciousness. Therefore, it seems that the starting point to look at our challenges is the collective.

I learned that the definition of collective human consciousness is not the same for everyone. Many call it also the matrix, something in which we are locked. From my perspective, the collective human consciousness is that part of human consciousness that we, at this moment, actively use. It is the part that we can find in the triad grid system (Image 1).

Image 1 Three Triad Line

I described this system extensively in Gifts of Mother Earth (for more information on this book, click here. It seems that we are mainly functioning at the frequencies of these grids. The energies in the triad grid system lock us up in the box of the collective human consciousness.

The three levels of consciousness

The triad grids that I mention in Gifts of Mother Earth describe the collective human consciousness as we experience it in our world, the fourth world. These triad grids form three levels of consciousness (Image 2),

Image 2 Human Consciousness Levels

which I call the I-, we-, and all consciousness. Most people function most of the time at the level of the I-consciousness. This level of consciousness invites us to create a healthy ego that surrenders to the heart as the guiding system. However, most people live in too much fear, which leads to survival strategies, locking us in an unhealthy ego-oriented way of functioning. That makes it difficult to function at the next two levels, the “we-“ and the all-consciousness. Most people are not or hardly aware of how much they live from fear-based emotions and beliefs. Working with your fears is essential if you are serious about your spiritual path. Fear is the biggest challenge to overcome. For that reason, we developed an online course, “Live Without Fear.” For more information, click here.

The we-consciousness invites us to collaborate with other humans based on equality. We tend to function based on inequality by seeing others as less, not right, wrong color, or false religion. We base our society on ranks and functions in which people are either in charge or are followers. That is a collaboration based on fear and throws us in a deformed level of the I-consciousness. Living and functioning based on equality and respect are in our society still quite far away and forms another great challenge.

If we are not able to live in equality with our fellow humans, we will not see other creatures, visible and invisible, with which we share this world, as equal. The idea that all living beings are our relatives is part of several indigenous traditions but is not part of our modern society. There are not many people who can live on this level that I call the All-consciousness.

Our journey of awakening is the journey of mastering these three levels of consciousness. The invitation is to help each other to find a way to create a healthy I-consciousness that will allow us to live increasingly in we-consciousness, leading to living in all-consciousness. It is a challenging journey but an inevitable journey. We determine how difficult we want to make it.

The Diversity of the Collective Human Consciousness

The three levels of consciousness of our world are a small part of the total human consciousness, which exists in twelve levels. The nine levels that are not part of our world are part of the other three worlds (image 2). While many may find it difficult to believe, these three worlds still exist in addition to ours. There are human groups that live in these worlds. We call these human groups the Sidhe (for more information I refer to Birth of a New Consciousness, Dialogues with the Sidhe; for information click here,  Inner Earth People, the Blue Race, and the Master Race. Their consciousness resonates with one of the three other worlds. For example, the Sidhe live in the third and second world; the Inner Earth People in the fourth, third, and second world.

Each of these human groups has its unique view of Gaia. While human consciousness is one field, there are many grids, reflecting how each group uses a different part of the human consciousness to express themselves in this Gaia system. While we see the four worlds as separated, they are different expressions of one human potential.

While different human groups live in different worlds, often in different groups, the situation is changing. Humans of the other three worlds have chosen to start an alliance. The majority of the groups of the three worlds are participating in this alliance. The one that is missing is the human collective of the fourth world. We are not part of this alliance.

While the different groups allied, the purpose of this alliance is not to create one uniform human consciousness. On the contrary, each group must hold on to its uniqueness. We need diversity, especially those of the four worlds. We need each of these four worlds to create the fifth, the new world. The best way to explain the importance of the functioning of the four worlds is through a pyramid (image 3). Each of the four sides of the basis of the pyramid represents one of the four worlds. We can only create a stable new, fifth world when the foundation is solid. That brings up the question of how solid the basis is.

Image 3 The 5 Worlds

The Challenge of the Fourth World

Before the forming of the alliance between the people of the other three worlds, each of the groups of Sidhe, Inner Earth People, Blue Race, and the Master race functioned more or less independently. Thanks to the alliance, groups of each of the worlds are collaborating, creating more solid worlds. Also, there is communication between these three worlds. While maintaining their diversity and uniqueness, the three worlds begin to fulfill their role in the creation of a new world. I have learned how fast they work, mostly because their concept of time is different from ours. However, what happens in their worlds is not our responsibility. We have chosen to incarnate into the fourth world. We need to focus on our job, which is to bring this world in harmony so it can express its uniqueness required to create the new fifth world

Our world, seen from the perspective of the other worlds, is chaotic and threatening, with a lack of respect for diversity. They even mention that our world is destructive. I can fully understand why they do not want to connect with us, other than with a few individuals. Our world is characterized by fears, egoism, inequality, lack of respect, arrogance, and destruction. We systematically are destroying our world because we believe that we own the world, and can take whatever we want. Also, we do not mind to pollute the world on which we depend. The coronavirus pandemic shows us again how messed up we are as a society. We give our power away because we believe the fear-inducing information that governments and specialists tell us. No wonder that the alliance did not invite us to be part of it. We would also destroy the other three worlds.

The challenge of the fourth world, which is our challenge, is to change. If we change, we will be welcome to join the alliance. We are an essential part of the whole and need to contribute to the creation of the new world.

We are on the way

As dire as the current state of the collective consciousness of our world is, there are signs of change. There is an increase in interest to get healthy, develop abilities, and become more spiritual, which are all clear signs of a willingness to change. Also, there is an increasing interest in subtle energies, beings, and worlds. People begin to accept dragons and unicorns again as beings from subtle worlds that are real. People talk with angels and nature spirits again.

These all are beautiful signs. However, the coronavirus outbreak shows us that it is still somewhat superficial. As soon as our fears are triggered, we go into a survival mode. We become “believers” in what others who we see as leaders tell us, or fight and deny it. However, real change comes from learning to find our truth. That does not mean we do not respect the beliefs of others. It means that we increase our frequencies by following the truth of our hearts. That is our contribution at a personal level. When enough people start doing that, the collective will change. Once we change enough, the alliance will invite us to become part of it and contribute to the creation of the new world.

The challenge for each one of us is to connect with our hearts, listen to it, and live our lives in alignment with it. Are you up for the challenge?


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