Is Her Potential Fixed?

By Jaap van Etten, PhD

I always thought that Gaia has a specific, defined potential. I believed this potential was determined by a field that I called the morphogenetic field of Gaia. The purpose of Gaia’s evolution was to express this potential, in the same way we are on a journey to express our potential. I also believed in the evolution of species, but only within the potential of Gaia’s morphogenetic system. I am currently discovering that Gaia’s morphogenetic field is not a fixed system with a defined potential. Because we are here as co-creators with Gaia, it is essential to understand Gaia’s morphogenetic system’s dynamic.

The Morphogenetic System of Gaia

The only way to understand Gaia’s potential is through the vortexes of her morphogenetic grids. At a vortex, we can connect both with the field and with the grids. The field holds the full potential of Gaia while the grids have aspects of these fields. What the grids hold is what is currently used actively. It is the part of the field, the potential that is now expressed.

The grids reflect the dynamic of what is expressed and present on Earth. That means that a lot is changing in these grids. What we destroy through pollution and the continuous destruction of natural habitats are immediately reflected in the grids. Therefore the grids give us a lot of information about all beings, visible or invisible, with whom we share this planet in each moment. The grids show us also the diminishing of the diversity of the groups of species whose information is in these grids. The information may still be present as potential in the field but is no longer expressed and manifested in the Gaia system

There are twelve different grids of the Gaia system. Each of these grids exists as a trinity. For example, level 1 grid has a masculine aspect that sets the morphogenetic information into motion, based on the direction of Gaia’s consciousness or those who are co-creators (which is what we are supposed to be). The feminine aspect represents creating in alignment with the information set into motion.  The child aspect provides love, which is the life force needed for the species to be alive and functional optimally.

The morphogenetic system with its trinity is potentially powerful and beautiful, assuming that the consciousness that directs it is aligned with the greater purpose. That is humanity’s purpose. But we have lost the way and are not the co-creators we are supposed to be, causing destruction instead of being creators. Instead of enriching the grids, we impoverish it. Most people are not even aware of this morphogenetic system’s existence, let alone that they have the ability to use it in alignment with Gaia’s purpose.

As a species, we begin again to regain awareness of who we are and our role. That will expand in the coming times.

Our Limited Knowledge is Expanding

Although I am aware of the morphogenetic system’s existence for many years (1), I still have limited knowledge of its complexity. I am studying the 36 grids (12 grids that each exist as a trinity), leading to insights. I did not feel ready to share about them, but the guardians of the grids, the Whales, asked me to regularly share what I do know to allow people to grow with me into a deeper understanding of the morphogenetic system.

One of the biggest surprises was the exploration of the level 1 morphogenetic system. This level holds information for the diversity of bacteria and viruses. That is currently an interesting subject. Increasingly, researchers are studying the human microbiome. We have more micro-organisms in our body than cells, indicating the tremendous importance of better understanding the microbiome, the micro-organisms’ ecology. When I felt into the micro-organisms’ morphogenetic system’s energy, I was surprised to realize that bacteria and viruses are everywhere. They are in the Earth, in water, in the air, and in every plant and animal. They also communicate with each other, having a collective consciousness that goes beyond my current understanding.

The question that arose in me is why we are sometimes sick and why there are outbreaks of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. Through the morphogenetic system of these micro-organisms, the answer that came was simple and, to some degree, shocking. The micro-organisms are indicators of the degree of balance in the earth system and each of her biomes. They form an oneness system that we do not understand, but we begin to realize that when any system gets “sick,” the micro-system, the microbiome is no longer in balance. That is the case currently in our system, causing yearly flu epidemics and now the COVID-19 pandemic. The micro-organisms tell us that the Earth’s system is out of balance, and that includes us. We need to learn to listen to the messages that we see right in front of us and take actions in alignment with them.

The second level of the morphogenetic system is the Fungi. They are crucial in the Earth’s system. They relate to death and rebirth, but their most important role is making connections between plants and trees to allow them to connect. While the level 1 morphogenetic grids correspond to the root chakra, feeling one with the physical world which creates safety, level 2 corresponds to our second chakra, which shows us how we relate to the world. We can learn from the mycelium system of the Fungi how to do that.

We see that in the next levels, the biological systems become more complex. Interestingly, it means that more complexity in this world also means more separation. We see that culminated in the most complex biological system, the human system. That system reached the optimal separation resulting in the problems our world currently experiences. We can learn from all beings we share this world with and see the oneness and interconnectedness between all life again. We all are part of the same morphogenetic field, of which we are different expressions.

Whales as Guardians

When the first souls came to Earth on request from Gaia to become co-creators, they knew that there was a time when we would forget who we are, what we came here to do, and what systems there are available to support the fulfillment of our purpose. They decided to invite souls from specific star systems to come to help us remember when it was time to do so. Some took on themselves the role of caretakers of particular systems. Beings from the star system Ophiuchus came to become the guardians of the morphogenetic system. They chose bodies that live in water because water helps with information transfer and storage. We know these beings as whales. All whale species contribute, but the coordinating species is the Humpback whale.

The whales feel that humanity is becoming ready to take on their responsibility and take over the guardianship. When we do, it will release the whales from a task that they have fulfilled for millions of years. Some people feel attracted to whales, and many may become a caretaker of the morphogenetic system. However, we still have a lot to learn from the whales and the morphogenetic system before humanity’s representatives can fully take on that responsibility.

Every Species has a Morphogenetic System

So far, we have talked about the twelve levels of Gaia’s morphogenetic grid that refer to large groups of related species. However, every species has its morphogenetic grid. That means that there are millions of morphogenetic grids. Each of these grids falls under one of the twelve Gaia morphogenetic grid levels.

Having studied and taught systematics at the university, I was fascinated by the grid concept that could help understand a species more completely than looking only at their physical system. However, I was in for a surprise. Due to a lack of time and different priorities, I looked at species only in a limited way. I learned that many related species were not, as biology tries to tell us, separate species, but different expressions of the same morphogenetic grid. I realized that our minds would never understand systems if we do not learn to connect and listen to Gaia, who holds all the information and can tell us everything about diversity and relationship within her system’s oneness.

In a time of ecological crisis, we need to realize that we are one dynamic interactive system. Understanding this system is impossible by looking at the physical manifestations only. Understanding that there is a vast system of morphogenetic information is crucial. It can tell us the correct information about the dynamics and interactions in the Gaia system. It teaches us that we need to learn to look beyond the limitations of physical expressions. We need to look at the energetic aspects of the whole system to understand the dynamics fully. Then we will find the answers we are looking for to create balance and harmony on this planet. We need to base ecology and sustainability on information obtained from Gaia’s morphogenetic system.

Gaia is part of a much larger system

We tend to see the Earth as a separate, isolated system in an infinite world that may have life, but we have not yet discovered it. Again, limiting to physical expressions, we will never learn that there are many interactions between the Earth and other star systems. I am not referring to astrological influences, but a direct exchange of energies between the Earth and these star systems through portals. Many indigenous people knew about places as locations where they could connect with their ancestors. They believed that they came from the stars and that these places, which we now call portals, were the places where it was easier to connect with these ancestors.

Sedona has many ruins that are remnants of the Pueblo People who used to live in the area from roughly 750 to 1425 AD (Image 1). The hundreds of ruins we studied all had a vortex, mostly a chakra vortex (2), and a star system portal. I understand that when a soul comes to Earth from another star system, there always will be a portal, allowing that soul to stay in contact with its ancestry.

Image 1 Ruins

The ruin of the ancient Pueblo People in the Sedona area with a third chakra vortex and a portal to Orion.

The Earth is not a separated system, but a system with many connections and interactions. Besides the portals that allow souls to stay connected with their home star system, there are other portals. These portals connect to star systems that provide information that stimulate diversity in groups of plants and animals. This discovery was a great surprise. It means that some of the information in Gaia’s morphogenetic system came from the outside the planet. The Earth turns out to be not a closed system with a fixed potential. In the same way as our consciousness is infinite, so is that of Earth and other systems. We begin to understand the tremendous dynamic that exists on Earth but also in the galaxies and universe.

New waves of portals with further info

Recently, a high number of new portals appeared. They exist in clusters, which I call multi-portals. They hold information for a tremendous expansion of the morphogenetic system, allowing for creating an entirely new world. Connecting with these energies is beyond the abilities of most people. However, people who feel guided may connect with some energies they bring into the already existing morphogenetic system. In this way, the morphogenetic system will expand. We will soon invite people to contribute to connecting with aspects of the new portals to prepare for the new world.

We cannot create a new world with a way of thinking based on the same paradigms. The morphogenetic system can help us see the world differently, leading to new renovating ideas aligned with Gaia and her unfolding potential.

Gaia is not a fixed, defined system. Continuously, new energies are brought in, allowing Gaia and all who live on her to evolve. We need to learn again to connect with the system that provides the possibility for evolution.

The role of UCME

We acknowledge that every person and every organization can contribute to the evolution of Gaia. And we also believe that the concept of metaphysical ecology (3) opens the doors for new concepts that may speed up certain aspects of this evolution. We invite everyone who feels a connection with our work to feel whether they want to contribute in one way or another. We are sure that the study and understanding of the morphogenetic system will play a vital role in this work.


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Caption image

The ruin of the ancient Pueblo People in the Sedona area with a third chakra vortex and a portal to Orion.


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