The Crystalline Movement

Over this past year we have witnessed significant changes around us which have caused an elevation of fear and concern over the future of Mother Earth and all that she supports. We’ve watched well meaning; aware people struggle to maintain their own balance during these challenging times. After a considerable amount of inner and outer guidance we realized that one of the most important support tools Mother Earth created to help humans and the entire GAIA system stay in balance, the Crystalline Grid, has deteriorated more significantly than we might have imagined. We now understand that this is one of the leading causes of the escalating imbalance we’ve seen in ourselves and all around us.

Mother Earth is a crystalline being that provides the energetic foundation for all living beings. The energies of her physical system, all the stones, and crystals that exist on Earth, are held in a grid that we call the crystalline grid. It reflects the physical health of Mother Earth, and thus how well Mother Earth can support all that lives on her. Also, the crystalline grid forms the foundation of the proper functioning of all other Earth energy grids.

The Crystalline grid reacts to human activities. It is especially sensitive to artificial electromagnetic energies and the energies of fear and worries. These energies break down the grid levels one to five. Consequently, the Crystalline Grid disappears in the areas of human settlement, especially in towns and cities. This breakdown affects the grounding of humans and makes them even more susceptible to fears and worries.

The Crystalline Movement is a membership organization within UCME designed to create an international community trained in the restoration of these grids and as a community platform where members can participate in weekly online information and discussion sessions as well as access to new research, articles and videos.

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