By Jaap van Etten, PhD

We cannot escape from the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. That is not surprising, given that governments, based on information of specialists, have taken the severity of this pandemic seriously. The measurements to limit the spread of the virus affects the lives of almost all humans worldwide. Lives are disrupted, there are fears and worries about the future, people lose jobs and income, and economies are going in recess. People realize that the world may never be the same.

People can easily see the negative aspects of this virus outbreak. Almost all people know this virus as a serious problem, and thus as harmful. But the question is whether that is the whole story. In this article, we will look at the Coronavirus COVID-19 from a broader perspective.

Viruses in Our World

From a metaphysical ecology perspective, every being that exists in the Gaia system has a role to play. They are part of the system, and, therefore, they have a function that is an integrated part of the Gaia system, or they would not exist.

We look at the world mostly from an anthropocentric perspective, believing that we are the center of the world. As a consequence, we see the world as a system that needs to fulfill our needs, and therefore, we can take from it anything we believe we need, which is for most people far more than they actually need. That leads to an overuse of resources leading to depletion. It also leads to killing all that is in our way of getting what we believe we need. The examples can be found all over the world, whether it is the wolves in the United States or elephants in Africa. Fortunately, an increasing number of people believe that it is essential to preserve enough of nature and all that lives in it, but we still have a long way to go.

While most people can see a value in protecting forests and many animals, it gets more complicated when we talk about poisonous snakes or insects. To see their role in the whole is for many people less easy to understand. It is even worse when we talk about bacteria and viruses.

Many people grew up believing that bacteria and viruses are dangerous disease-causing creatures that we need to kill and get rid of. Only over the last ten years, the awareness that we are full of essential bacteria begins to become main-stream. We learn that these bacteria, the microbiota (with is the description of existing bacteria), are needed for many functions. One of these functions is supporting our immune system.

While we begin to see the importance of the role the good bacteria play and how they protect us from the invasion of bacteria that are not so good for us, how do we look at viruses? The general idea still is that viruses are infectious and are a threat to our health. The current outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, called COVID-19, confirms that idea. That makes it difficult to believe that there could be any positive aspects of viruses. Nonetheless, Caldwell and others showed that viruses are essential to the convoluted and dynamic network of micro-organisms that reside within the body (1). They also stated that, contrary to the dualistic view of Western medicine, most viruses are neither innately good nor bad. “One virus could have multiple adverse and beneficial immunomodulatory effects on the host that are dependent on the anatomical location, host genotype, and the presence of other infectious agents and commensal microbes.”

It seems that our interaction with viruses is more complicated than we tend to think, and has something to do with our immune system.

Our Immune System

Our immune system has many components and aspects. Many factors affect our immune system, either positively or negatively. We already mentioned the importance of our microbiome, the ecology of the microbiota, which is the totality of all our bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We are at the beginning of understanding this microbiome, but we can state, without any doubt, that the microbiome is a crucial element in our health and well-being.

Many problems, from obesity to Alzheimer’s and ADHD, have their reflection in the composition of the microbiota. To give an example, when you take a sample of the microbiome of an obese person and inject it in a mouse, that mouse becomes obese. Currently, a lot of research is carried out all over the world to understand this vital system better and study how we can apply this knowledge to increase health and well-being.

Everything that negatively affects the microbiome will also harm the immune system. While it is not the purpose of this article to look extensively at the factors that affect our immune system, we will mention two important factors: lifestyle and fear and worries. Although these two factors mutually influence each other, they also have unique aspects.

We can summarize a healthy lifestyle by mentioning the following elements: eat healthy, mostly life food, sleep enough, exercise (without excessive training), go out in nature, stimulate your system by doing new things, and meditate regularly.

More complex is the subject of fears and worries. In the first instance, it seems to be easy to define fears and anxieties. Most people are aware of when they are worried or feel fear. In relationship to the COVID-19, we see that reflected in the tendency to hoard essentials to compensate for the fears and get a false feeling of safety.

The biggest problem, however, is that we are so used to having fears and worries that we no longer recognize them as such. We begin to deny that we have them. Our minds tell us that we are practical and logical. The problem is that this way of functioning increases the energies of fears and worries in our system, jeopardizing our immune system. They also will put pressure on many parts of our system, which will lead to diminished functioning. It also compromises our spiritual development and the development of our qualities.

Because dealing with fears and worries is so essential, we like to recommend an online course called Live Without Fear (2). If you are interested, you can watch a short clip:


Connecting with the COVID-19 virus

Although there are many questions about this virus and a lot of confusing information focused mostly on influencing people’s behavior, there is no doubt that this new coronavirus exists and can cause serious problems. That brings up the question of what its role is in the Gaia system.

From the perspective of metaphysical ecology, every creature has the right to exist. Every species, including the coronavirus, is part of the Gaia system. That means it has a specific function. In our minds, the role of this virus is solely detrimental. However, in the totality of the morphogenetic field of Gaia, it cannot be negative. We cannot understand this with our current way of thinking. One way to understand a species is to communicate with it.

It may sound strange to many, but also micro-organisms have a consciousness, which makes it possible to communicate with them. During workshops, we guided people to connect with their microbiome to ask what it needed. People received information that surprised them because it often contained unsuspected details. You can use the connection with your microbiome to improve your overall condition and strengthen your immune system. That is important in a time in which many are fearful because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the same way, we can connect with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Whenever I want to understand a species, big or small, visible or invisible, I will look for vortexes on their morphogenetic grid. These vortexes connect the morphogenetic grids with the field. The field contains information on the full potential of a species. The grids hold the information about the part of the total potential that is actively used. Sitting on a vortex, you can connect with both the grid and the field. Therefore, I always look for a vortex to understand a species.

Sitting on several vortexes helped me to understand more about this creature that we call the coronavirus. All energy is information, and all information is the result of the expression of consciousness on different levels. Connecting with the morphogenetic system is not only connecting with information but also with an aspect of consciousness. The challenge for us is to translate the energy into something we can understand and share.

Sitting on the vortexes of the grid of the coronavirus made me initially aware that I did not understand the information, energy, and consciousness connected with this virus. It was an unknown world for me. After a few vortexes, I could feel a reaction in my lower chakras. I realized that I was connecting mostly with the information in the grids, and not in the field. The grid was reflecting the energies that restricted the full expression of the virus. It was our fears, worries, but also anger and hate toward it that deformed the expression of the potential of this virus into the world.

Experiencing the energies of more vortexes made it clear that the only way to diminish the negative effect of the virus was to accept its existence. Like every other being, it has a right to exist, and by allowing its existence, we no longer affect the flow of information from its morphogenetic field into this world. It then can fulfill its purpose.

The purpose of the coronavirus

Many people will doubt that there can be any positive purpose in the existence of the coronavirus. We base this doubt on what currently happens in the world because of it. However, many people, in general, have difficulties in seeing the purpose of many plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi. We see and experience a world with many unpleasant, if not challenging or dangerous species. It strengthens our need to separate. It also enhances the tendency to destroy all that causes any discomfort, real or imagined. As a consequence, we separate ourselves even more from the Earth and all that lives on her.

As long as we cannot accept that our body is built with atoms from Mother Earth, we will continue to believe that we are separated. As long as we cannot believe that every being on Earth is built with atoms from the same Mother Earth and thus is our relative, we will see ourselves as separate. However, separation is an illusion. This illusion is the cause that we can harm the system on which we depend. When we harm the system on which we depend, we weaken our system, which makes us more vulnerable to the influences of other systems that are not in balance, such as the coronavirus.

The purpose of viruses is to induce change. In a healthy Earth and human system, the change will mean growth and expansion. In an unhealthy Earth and human system, change can be a problem that can be so serious that it can lead to death.

Every situation is an opportunity from which we can learn. We cannot learn from it and make changes if we continue to see ourselves as separated from Mother Earth and all that lives on her. We will only make variations to the same beliefs that will lead to the next challenging situation. If we are willing to let go of separation, we will be able to change our view of this world.  This new view needs to focus on a world in which every species can express its potential, creating harmony and oneness in a new world filled with love and respect, joy, happiness, and abundance for all life.

I am aware that currently, we are far from the creation of such a world. However, if we do not start to change, the signals telling us that we need to may get stronger. Let us not wait for the next strong message and begin the process of change now.


  1. Cadwell, K. et al. (2015). The virome in host health and disease. Immunity, 42(5), 805-813.
  2. Jaap van Etten, Live Without Fear, an online course. For more information, go to


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