By Jaap van Etten, PhD

An important part of the activities of UCME is the study of subtle energies, Beings, and Worlds. From our perspective, the study of the subtle realms is important because they are an integrated part of the world in which we live. We have lost our ability to communicate and work with these worlds. Many people even do not believe that there is something like subtle energies and worlds. We have no way to detect and describe these worlds if we believe that what our five senses tell us is all that exists. We need to go beyond our five senses and step into worlds of which we have very few reference points. Consequently, we tend to base the interpretation of the energies we receive from these worlds on how we understand our visible world. However, the subtle worlds are quite different, and we need to develop a language to understand these worlds and to share our experiences with them. We can only do that when we are willing to approach these worlds with an open mind, always willing to expand and grow and not fixing any belief or idea. By sharing based on this willingness, we will learn and increasingly understand these subtle worlds so we can learn to collaborate with them.

Within the subtle worlds live many beings that are believed to be part of our fantasy world. There is some truth in that because we translate the little we perceive of them into something we can describe and to do that we use our imagination. This process leads to general beliefs about Devas and Angels, Dragons, Unicorns, Spirits and the Sidhe. The Sidhe are, seen from our perspective, subtle beings. Because one of the Founders of UCME wrote a book about the Sidhe, called Birth of a New Consciousness, Dialogues with the Sidhe (for more information, click here) it is a group of Beings that has become part of UCME in several ways. For that reason, we like to summarize the current understanding of the Sidhe. On the “Research” page, we have indicated that we are still researching them (like they do us) in an attempt to make a deeper connection with the Sidhe, learn from them, and work together to create a new world.

In another article (Expansion of Consciousness is inevitable ) we talked about the phenomenon of human consciousness grids that tell us about the 12 levels of consciousness. In that article, we also mentioned that the Sidhe as I know them from my research connect with higher levels of human consciousness. These levels are out of phase with our world and therefore, we cannot detect them or directly communicate with them. This statement makes clear that the Sidhe are, like us, part of human consciousness. Therefore, they are our relatives. The fact that they are our relatives is very important. Somewhere in human history, the Sidhe and we got separated. I like to share a short version of what I believe happened, based on the study of the different grids of human consciousness.

Every planet has her (its) own evolution. When Gaia (the consciousness of the Earth and all that lives on her) felt ready for her next step in her evolution, she called out to Souls in the Universe to join her. Many responded. Ultimately around 2000 Souls were chosen to start the journey of humanoid consciousness on Earth. These Souls originated from different star systems. These Souls were selected because they were the ones that could help Gaia in the next step of her evolution, which is called ascension.

The first step for those Souls, who are called the Founders, was to induce the humanoid consciousness into the Gaia system to allow this consciousness to become a part of this Gaia system. This induction took place in the Sedona area (see image 1). The presence of the energies of the Founders may explain the magical attraction Sedona has too many people which seems to go beyond its beauty.

This induction was followed by many actions. This article is too short to go into details, and much is also still unknown. However, I would like to summarize a few important points.  

The Founders realized that they needed to decrease their vibration (lower their consciousness) to bridge their level of vibration with that of the physical aspects of Earth. To do that, they created 12 levels of consciousness. In the process, they also created barriers between certain levels. In this way, over time, four worlds were created. Many traditions mention the existence of four worlds. We live in the fourth world and are moving into the fifth. The fourth world has the element of earth as its dominant element. The dominance of the element of earth has led to the materialistic society in which we still live.

In the time that the Founders were learning what energies were available on Earth, they realized that the journey of descent of consciousness would not be easy. Therefore, a decision was made to choose three ways of approaching this journey: a masculine way, a feminine way, and a child or neutral way. It was respectively the way of power, the way of wisdom and creativity, and the way of Love. Each path has its induction point. The Sidhe are the Humans that followed the feminine path of wisdom and creativity (see image 2 for the Feminine induction point). The path of power and love merged somewhere during the journey and resulted in us, humanity. In our current time, power is the dominant energy. Because we live in the lowest levels of consciousness, power is deformed and became in many cases ego-oriented. We can see that all around us. Fortunately, there still is also much love, even though it often is hidden and conditional.

The purpose of human evolution is to raise its vibration and consciousness and as a consequence that of the Gaia system as a whole. The purpose is also to bring the three paths together again. We can only do that when we collaborate with the Sidhe. That is why it is so important to connect with them. When the Shide and humanity learn to connect and collaborate with each other, the process of consciousness evolution will speed up and create a completely new world. It may be clear now why humanity and the Sidhe need to start working together.

There are several books about the Sidhe. When people talk about the Sidhe, they talk about them as if it is a homogeneous group. However, meeting the Sidhe in different locations, I believe that they are not so homogenous. I met Sidhe in the Sedona area, in the Appalachian Mountains, (especially around and in the Smoky Mountains), and in Ohio (especially in the area of the Hocking Hills). The difference in vibration and consciousness between the different groups is much larger than what we find in our society. We see these differences reflected in the different consciousness grids connected with the Sidhe in the different areas. These differences in consciousness also determine the ease with which you can connect to these different Sidhe groups. Connecting with some of these groups is easier than with others because their frequency is closer to ours.

The Sidhe from the Sedona, Arizona, area refer to themselves as “the people of RaEl.” They see themselves as people that are part of the solar system (Ra) and have a deep spiritual connection with what they call “the original state of Divine Light” (El). They used the name Sidhe to refer to the fact that they are related to beings that people call the Sidhe. They wanted to let us know that they are related to the Sidhe that are mentioned by people such as David Spangler and John Matthews. The People of RaEl are aware that the name Sidhe is used not only for our human relatives but also for certain nature spirits, and therefore prefer to be called People of RaEl. According to them, there is quite some confusion amongst people about who the Sidhe are, and therefore people tend to use this name by lack of a better one for the beings they encounter and who they do not understand very well.

As mentioned on our website under “Research,” we are still studying the energies in the area in which the People of RaEl live. We focus mainly on the understanding of the star systems with which the People of RaEl connect. It may help us understand their origins and even that of many of us. Secondly, we study the different centers of the People of RaEl to learn from them how to stay connected with our essence. Realize that the only reason we can do these studies is because of the willingness of the People of RaEl to allow us to do this research. We are deeply grateful for that. We are looking forward to sharing more about the Sidhe in the future.

A beautiful example of my increasing connection with the Sidhe is shown in the little clip called: Love of a Butterfly   

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