SUBTLE WORLDS AND BEINGS: THE DJINN and their place among entities

By Jaap van Etten, PhD

A large part of the study of Metaphysical Ecology falls under the subjects of subtle worlds, subtle beings, and subtle energies. The challenge of these subjects is the lack of possibilities to verify information and experiences that are related to these subtle realms. Although even science is aware that subtle energies exist (after all, life force falls into that category, and nobody will deny its existence), we are to a large degree at a loss if it comes to “prove” about what exists in these subtle realms. Sometimes, the separation between visible and invisible is less strong, and consequently, we receive glimpses from these subtle realms. We also can train our brain to perceive and receive more from these subtle realms. In whatever way we receive information, it is important to share with each other experiences to discover patterns that help us to get insights into these worlds. Sharing through articles is a part of the way we share. Through these articles, we share information that may help the readers to feel whether they can resonate with the presented information as a stimulant to begin or continue their exploration of these subtle worlds and contribute to an expanding understanding of them.

Whenever people are familiar with “entities,” invisible, subtle beings, it is in many cases because they have had unpleasant encounters or experiences with them. That also is how I learned about them. However, there are many different types of entities. Some entities are very loving with very high frequencies, and there are disturbing or even destructive ones. Other entities have a more neutral behavior. In this short overview, we are not focusing on the positive ones (which, to separate them, are often called “beings” instead of entities). This positive group includes angels, devas, nature spirits, Dragons, Unicorns and loving extraterrestrials. Here, I will focus on those that interfere with us and our lives in a way that people experience as negatively, whatever the reasons for that may be. These are the ones that create health, emotional and mental issues. In this article, we will only give a generalized overview and then focus on the Djinn, a less known type of entities. The Djinn are, however, well-known in the Middle-East and have become a more common experience in the west in last twenty years.

The most common entities that people are aware of are wandering or lost souls. These are the souls that stay earth-bound after the physical body with which they were connected dies. They remain earth-bound by holding on to their astral body. There are many reasons why this happens. A very common reason is a sudden death that happens, for example during wars, disasters, but also accidents and heart attacks. Another reason could be that the person cannot let go of the feeling that they still need to do “something.” Such souls connected to astral bodies may stay at the location where they died and may create “haunted” houses or areas. Others may attach themselves to living humans and can become quite disturbing. The initial connection may be beneficial for both the living person and the lost soul. They are attracted to each other because they have something in common. However, the attached souls can become a problem when the person they are attached to want to develop and grow, while the entity wants to maintain the existing situation. That is when the relationship becomes counterproductive and disruptive. That may lead to a person’s discovery of the presence of the entities (often with the help of somebody who can sense or even see these entities), which creates an opportunity to get them removed. In some situations, an entity is simply negative and dark and can influence the person with which it connects. In extreme cases, it takes over the control of the behavior, and we call that a possession.

The second type of entity that may interfere in people’s lives is extraterrestrials. To be clear: all higher-dimensional extraterrestrials are neutral or support us. However, there are 3-dimensional and even 4-dimensional extraterrestrials that have an agenda that may serve them but not necessarily support us. There are many stories of people who have had unpleasant, scary and traumatic experiences with them. There is enough information out on the Internet, in books and in articles for those who are interested in this subject.

There also are extraterrestrial or other-dimensional beings that for a diversity of reasons got stranded in our reality but do not belong here. Many of this type of beings can be quite disruptive and belong to the category of negative entities. Often this is not because they are inherently negative but seek a way to go back to the realms they belong to but do not know how. They ask for help in a way that can be very disturbing. It is, however, not always easy to find out “ where they belong.” Fortunately, this type is not very common.

The third type of entities is “astral beings.” In a sense, wandering souls are astral beings because their souls still connect to their astral body. However, here I refer to beings that are completely astral and live in astral worlds. Astral worlds are a complex phenomenon because there are many different levels of astral worlds, each holding many beings. These beings are not necessarily negative. However, they may have an agenda. Some of them connect with human beings and begin to influence them in ways, which can lead to unpleasant disturbances. Some of them are pretenders or shape-shifters and present themselves as beings with whom people like to connect. That is the reason that it is so important to always connect from a place of love. It prevents unwanted connections.

Describing these main groups of entities help us to understand the Djinn (also known as Jinn or Genie) better. From my perspective, they are a unique type of astral beings. They are ancient and lived on earth far before human consciousness became part of the Gaia system. The Djinn are known and experienced as negative entities. The only aspect of the Djinn people may know is that of the Genie in the Aladdin’s wonder lamp. The name comes from the Arabic word jinni that refers to an evil spirit (image 1).

Image 1 A Jinn or Djinn, often seen as an evil spirit

That is not how most people experience Djinn. They experience them as shadow figures that can induce deep fears (see image 2). Rosemary Ellen Guiley has written several books about them, giving quite some background information. From my perspective, the wandering souls are the easiest to work with, and the Djinn and certain extraterrestrials are the most difficult because of their power and diversity. I suggest that you leave working with these entities to a trained person because if you are not aware of what you are dealing with, the encounters can have very unpleasant effects.

Image 2 The Shadow Figures

The Djinn are the main subject of this article, and I would like to share a bit more about them. With the expansion of consciousness and the development of our abilities to experience energies and beings beyond our senses, we also have an opportunity to expand our awareness of what we call the subtle worlds. Once we begin to experience aspects of the subtle worlds, we like to get at least some information about these worlds to understand our experiences. While there is information about Angels, Devas, Nature Spirits, and Elementals, there is far less information about the beings I mentioned so far, and there is hardly any information or understanding about the Djinn and related groups. Although I worked with them for years, my understanding is still very limited. That is why I like to share so we can learn from each other. For me, it is important that we do not share from a place of fear and negativity but from a willingness to get to know the beings with which we share our world better.

The Djinn are beings that are not visible or are only partly visible as black shadow figures that crawl on walls. When the Djinn are active, they will influence or affect human beings to various degrees. Most of these interactions between Djinn and humans are experienced as negative, unpleasant and often very frightening (Image 1). The Djinn that are especially frightening are called “shadow beings.” As mentioned, people perceive them as dark shadows or figures that they see in their bedrooms (Image 2). People connect the Djinn almost solely to these shadow beings. But is that all they are: frightening shadows?

Because entities like the Djinn are mostly invisible, the first question that comes up is whether they are real or imagined. From my perspective, Mother Earth always is the best place to get answers to such questions. If a being, visible or invisible, really exists, it will have a morphogenetic field and grids (for more information about morphogenetic fields and grids I would like to refer to the book Gifts of Mother Earth: Anybody who is sensitive or can dowse will be able to find such grids. My research shows that there are morphogenetic grids of Djinn which means that Djinns are beings that exist and are part of the Earth system. It turns out that there are not one but five species of Djinn that have powers and abilities that range from rather low to very powerful. The shadow people are one of the five species.

Although I have encountered all five species, I know not much about them. When we study subtle beings, we depend on their collaboration. The Djinn do not trust people, and it took quite some time before I could build up enough trust to have some communication. All I share I learned by working with them when they had invaded houses and harassed people. Through my attempts to communicate with them, I learned a bit more about their motives. However, there still is much to learn about them.

Image 3 Female Djinn

I would describe the Djinn with the highest frequencies as very powerful beings who seem to have a leading function. However, they rarely interact directly with human beings. They are the ones that direct the other species, although they rarely give direction to the species that has the second highest frequency. I noticed that the species with the second highest frequency are the ones that tend to direct the lower three species in their interaction with people, especially those species that we experience as negative.  According to the stories, the Djinn are shapeshifters and can present themselves in many forms, like animals, but also as an attractive woman (Image 3).

I believe that only the two species with the highest frequencies can do that. Humans are easy prey to illusions because we have lost our ability of discernment. Especially when entities induce fear, which is easy to do in most humans, they easily can create illusions that people experience as real.

The Shadow People are the third species. They are very effective in inducing fear. The last two species seem to be the ones carrying out orders from all species above them. They are responsible for misplacing things and poltergeist phenomena.

I do not believe that any being that is part of the Earth system is inherently negative. That brings up the question why people experience the Djinn consistently as negative. According to Mother Earth, the Djinn are much older than we human beings are. They are part of the Earth system and initially had responsibilities that human beings at least in part have taken over. According to Mother Earth, there are four major groups of beings connected with the four elemental powers that exist in astral forms since ancient times. All visible forms, plants, animals, and humans have earth as a dominant elemental power. However, the Djinn have fire as dominant elemental power. There are certain beings, mostly unknown, connected to the elemental power of water, the water beings, that have given rise to stories about merpeople. Even less known are the those that connect with the elemental power of air. The beings connected to the elemental power of earth are in some traditions known as the rock people. These four types of beings are different from Fairies and Devas who also have a dominant elemental power. While the role of Devas and Elementals are easier to understand, I still do not know the role of the Djinn and their relatives. The fact is that they exist and play a certain role within the Gaia system.

The Djinn are angry at us, human beings, for not taking our responsibility as caretakers of the Earth. Because we do not take our responsibility, we are negatively affecting all other beings, including them. They have chosen to reflect us our fears and dark sides in the hope that we transform them and transform fear into love. Once we take our responsibility, the Djinn would love to work with us. When we take responsibility, all beings of the visible and invisible worlds would love to work with us again.

What I share about the Djinn is more positive than the way other people describe them. There are books (I mentioned those of Rosemary Ellen Guiley), and recently a documentary was made, called “Supernatural Assault, Terror from the Shadows, that all describe only the negative aspects of the Djinn. I do not deny that the Djinn induce fear. However, painting only their negative side will not improve the relationship between them and us. I am very aware that they are angry with the human race, and they have the right to be. We have messed up this planet and have no difficulty killing many beings, including our fellow humans. Do I agree with their methods? No, I do not. I also do not agree with our methods and way of living as a species. The only proper next step it to start a dialogue with them. In the limited way I can communicate with them, I have only met their willingness to work together. However, we need to approach them with respect and without fear. So far I have not seen any respect and only fear for them in all stories about them. As I mentioned earlier, the only way to improve communications with astral or any other being is through love and respect.

It truly is time that we take responsibility and learn to work together with all beings living on this beautiful planet. I am convinced that the Djinn can become partners instead of a threat. It is up to us to make that work.


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