Research is essential to gather new information as a basis for the development of new activities, and the writing of new articles and books. It challenges belief structures and opens doors leading to new insight. Therefore, research will be an essential part of the activities of UCME

In the initial phase, our focus is on subjects that have been studied by the Lemurantis and Metaphysical Ecology Team. In the initial phase, we would like to finish these projects. We will spend the major amount of time on translating the already gathered data into workshops, lectures, articles, books and online courses.

However, some existing research projects will continue even during the initial phase of UCME. We would like to give a short description of the four major research projects.

Human Consciousness

Research of the chakra vortexes of a landscape temple

The project that focuses on the study of human consciousness has been ongoing for many years. There is an information field that holds the potential for human consciousness. We call this field a morphogenetic field. We are far from able to connect with this field and express this potential fully. The energies of the part of the field that we do use are located in grids, networks of energy lines and vortexes. Initially, we thought that there were a limited number of grids. The lines of these grids are very recognizable because they have sub-lines that are called triads. This type of line only exists in relationship with human consciousness. For more details about these grids and triads, see Gifts of Mother Earth (For more information on the book, click here

Map of the locations of chakra sites of a Landscape Temple

Over time, we found more lines. These lines have different frequencies. Slowly a pattern began to emerge, and we began to understand the different consciousness systems that exist on Earth in the form of lines, grids, and vortexes. These patterns lead to a better understanding of what we call ancient civilizations, like Atlantis and Lemuria and some of the systems they created, called Landscape Temples.

This project is on-going, and there still are many grids to research. We will report on the results in articles on the website and in Newsletters.

Whales and the Morphogenetic System

Humpback Whale

All that exists needs to have a system that holds the information to makes it possible that something exists. We call that system the morphogenetic system which consists of fields (holding the potential for a being) and grids (holding the part of the field that that species uses). Humans also have such a morphogenetic system, or we would not exist.

Whales are the guardians of the morphogenetic system of the Earth. This system holds all information needed to make it possible that the Earth and all that lives on it exists. We are supposed to be the co-guardians of this system, but we have forgotten what that means. Most people are not even aware that the system exists.

Vortex of a Humpback Whale Grid

A way to reconnect with this system is through the morphogenetic grids. However, even more important is to learn to communicate with the Whale consciousness to learn to become a true guardian of the system and to learn to use the system for the greater good of all.

In this phase we are studying the different grids of the major whale species, the Humpback Whale, to learn how to reconnect and communicate with them. Working with the morphogenetic system is a key element in Metaphysical Ecology.

The Sidhe

Sidhe Dragon Constellation Portal

Since the publication of Birth of a New Consciousness, Dialogues with the Sidhe (For more information on this book, click here, much more research has been done on the energy systems connected with the Sidhe. This research focused on two main areas. The Sidhe shared in the book that they stayed connected with their origins through a connection with certain star systems. We did much research in the Sidhe area to find portals with which the Sidhe connect to understand better the star systems from where they came. This research is ongoing.

During our research, we found that the Sidhe create centers to stay in the most optimal state of consciousness. At this moment, we are still researching the locations of these centers and the way their energies can be used to help us to expand our consciousness and to improve the collaboration with the Sidhe who are our relatives.

The Role of Trees in the Gaia System

An Alligator Juniper Tree with an Individual Soul

For most people, trees are great to look at, provide shade when it is hot, and provide wood for building and making fire. However, trees are far more than that. They have consciousness, and many trees (especially the old ones) have an individual soul. They are not so different from us as we may think. They are spiritual beings having a tree as a form to experience physical reality and contribute to the Earth system. They contribute to this world in a way we begin to re-discover.

Research to understand the different groups of trees and their function will form an important part of the research in the coming times. Trees can feel the vibration of the Earth through their roots. This vibration determines what information trees can bring from the morphogenetic field into the grids. The importance of this is beyond our current understanding. However, collaboration with trees is from a metaphysical ecological perspective another important key element.


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