​Is it possible to live without fear and worries? That is a question many people ask. Most likely you have a similar question, or you would not read this text. People experience fear every day, both their own and that of others. Fear has diminished the quality of our personal lives, but also the quality of life in our society. It affects our behavior, leads to separation and the consequent societal and environmental problems. In other words, fear is the most important aspect in our world with which we need to learn to deal.

In my work with people, as individuals and groups, I have seen many aspects of fear, the dynamics as a consequence of it, the complexity of the fear-based energy systems, and the devastating effect fear has for many. Often, people are not even aware of the effects that fear has on their lives. All these years, I have looked for ways to help myself and other people by searching for ways, a method, a technique, that supports the process of learning to deal with new fears and transform old ones that still affect our daily lives. I have found that technique.

The technique is developed over many years. I tested it in workshops, fine tuned it, and re-tested it. I learned the challenges and pitfalls. The course “Live Without Fear” is the results of many years of studying and testing.

You may have the same question as many people before you. Does the course guarantee that I will be free of fear? I cannot guarantee that you will be completely free. I can guarantee that it will diminish your fears. However, whether you have the courage and the tenacity to continue long enough to be completely free of fear and will be able to deal with any fear that comes up, totally depends on you. You need to be willing and have the determination to follow the course and to work with the material until it has become an integrated part of your life and your neural pathways.
You can compare it with for example playing golf or tennis. If you want to enjoy playing golf or tennis, you need to be willing to spend time on training. The same is true for this technique. If you want to enjoy the benefits of it, it is important to put time and effort into training.

What will you achieve in the course?
There are many benefits to diminishing fears, such as the improvement of your health and well-being, but also that of your overall functioning. We can summarize a few major achievements of this course as follows:

  • You will learn a technique that diminishes your fears, prevent fear from building up and transforms old fears
  • You will learn to look honestly at your fears (even those you have pushed into your sub-consciousness) and make an inventory with which you can work
  • You will experience that releasing fear will give you more energy because suppressing fear costs energy. The technique helps to release that energy.
  • You will experience a change in the way you look at your life and the way you function in it.
  • You will experience joy, happiness, and love increasingly, leading to more abundance in your life.
  • You will be able to explore and express potential you did not know you had.

In summary, applying the technique will lead to a life without fear that enriches you in every way possible.

The Course
The course consists of six lessons with a bonus lesson. While you can do each lesson within an hour, it is important to repeat the meditations and assignment to enable you to go deeper. That is part of the training and programming needed to get optimal results. Therefore, we would like to suggest to do one lesson per week to give you enough time to work with the material of each lesson. Of course, the most important aspect is to feel when you are ready before moving on, whether it is after one day or three weeks.

In Addition to the course itself a FREE 30 minutes supportive personal session with Jaap van Etten,PhD is included

Every participant has the opportunity to make use of a free 30 minutes session, that you can use as support on your journey. I am aware that working with your fears can be, and in most cases is, very challenging. Therefore, some support can be very helpful. Of course, you can ask a question through the course or a personal email. This 30-minute session you can use at any time during the course, for example, to go deeper into some of your issues, to get a reading, or to get supportive energy work.

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