By Jaap van Etten, PhD

My interest in portals started by reading about it in science fiction stories. The idea of going somewhere through space and time was a fascinating idea. At the time, I never considered it to be a true possibility. Now I know I was wrong. Maybe it may be somewhat different than most of the science fiction, or fantasy describes it, but from consciousness and metaphysical perspective, it is possible for everyone to use portals.

I recently learned that science fiction had become science fact. According to Emery Smith, there is a technology which makes it possible to create portals. People go through them and take samples from other planets, whether it is geological, botanical, or even animal (1).

Another recent development is that NASA mentioned that it had discovered portals. They are called X-points, and they are connections between the sun and the planet Earth. NASA believes that these x-points exist throughout the universe (2). While this discovery started all kinds of discussions, these x-points are “portals” within electromagnetic systems that pass on energy. NASA is not, or not yet, talking about portals that will allow people to go through. The portals NASA talks about are different from those about which Emery Smith talks. The importance, however, is the recognition of the existence of connections in the universe that are more extended than was originally thought. In this article, I want to talk about a type of portal people have used through eons of time: portals to star systems.

Portals throughout the Universe

In the book Gifts of Mother Earth, I dedicated a chapter to the subject of portals (3). At the time, it was the only type of portal I knew. I defined them as vortexes that instead of connecting two systems within the Gaia system, connect places on Earth with different time and space systems, which means outside of our Earth reality. Studying these portals was like studying a new language. Soon I discovered that there are portals with different energies. It suggested that they may go to different star systems and that started my journey of learning the energies of star systems.

Looking back, I realized that it truly took courage to start this journey. There hardly is any reference point, and, initially, it felt as if I was making up a story. However, when you search and are dedicated, you will always find bread crumbs that are left behind by others. If you follow them, you learn, and your understanding of the energies of portals begins to increase, leading to patterns in energies. These patterns lead to definitions, and the language begins to unfold.

While I am aware that the research of the energies of portals and the star systems they relate to, is still in an initial stage, there are enough fascinating results to share. There are portals to many systems in the universe. A high number of these portals go to star systems in the Milky Way. There also are some portals to the Andromeda Galaxy and a few that connect to the Triangulum Galaxy. There may be portals to other galaxies, although, I either have not yet found them or I am unable to recognize them due to lack of a reference system.

Crystal Skulls and Portals

Those who are familiar with the two books on crystal skulls I have written (4) also will be familiar with my belief that the information connected with crystal skulls came from twelve different star nations. While there are different opinions about the origin of the crystal skulls, this was the story with which I resonated.  In the initial phase of my work with crystal skulls, that story formed the basis from which I worked with them because I was fascinated by it. I dreamed about it, saw images in my meditations, and gathered the information I received while working with crystal skulls. It ultimately led to the definition of the twelve star-nations connected with the twelve original skulls and the determination of the locations of the portals through which the information from the star nations came into our world (5). At that time, I began to learn to differentiate between the different energies of the portals and the connected star systems. It was an interesting time, even though it often was also challenging and frustrating.

Image 1 Jaap in Mexico 1996

You can not look for portals and feel into their energies without being affected. Sometimes these effects were quite unpleasant. These experiences were not induced by the energies of the portals but because of my resistance to open me for these energies. When I opened myself, it induced shifts and changes, which could give unpleasant reactions. One of the portals that induced the strongest effect in me was the portal in Mexico connected to the star system Zeta Reticuli. Most people will think I connected to the Greys, but that was not the energies of this portal. The key word that belonged to the energies connected with this star system was “change.” I experienced the deep truth of the meaning of that word after I visited that portal. It changed my life dramatically.

Image 2

The results of the research of portals connected with the crystal skulls resulted in the definition of all twelve star-nations and the elemental powers with which they are connected (Image 2). In the image, there are seven names indicated in bold. Indigenous people believe that their ancestors came from the stars. They even mention with which star system their ancestors are connected. The seven names in bold are the ones that they mention most frequently. An example is Chief Golden Light Eagle, who mentions six of the seven names during one of the Star Knowledge Conferences (6). These names are The Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri, Orion, and Andromeda.

Image 3

I have visited several of the portals connected with the crystal skulls. One of these portals is responsible for my move from The Netherlands to the United States: The crystal skull portal to Sirius is in the Sedona area. Looking for the portal, I found something far more important: love. I fell in love with Jeanne, and I moved to the United States. And, I found the portal (Image 3).

Portals and Indigenous People

The indigenous people believe that their ancestors came from the mentioned star systems. I wondered whether they left signs indicating they were using portals to connect with their ancestors. Once you know how to look for them and recognize them, these signs are abundantly present. They exist everywhere in the world. Because I have done most of my research in the Sedona area, most of my information is from there. However, I also found these signs in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Taiwan, and many places in Europe. Most likely, these signs exist throughout the whole world. I want to give a few examples.

In the Sedona area, the Sinagua, who lived in the area from around 750 to 1425, left many small and larger ruins. All ruins that I checked have a portal and all these portals connect to one of the six mentioned star systems. There is no doubt that the Sinagua people had a belief that is very similar to that of the contemporary indigenous people. In this area, the most common portal we found is to the Sirius system (Image 4). However, in certain parts of the Sedona area, the dominant portals are to the Orion constellation (image 5), or Arcturus.

Image 4 Sirius portal in a Sinagua ruin

Image 5 Sinagua ruin with Orion portal

Just north-east of Mexico City is a famous ancient city with pyramids that have become quite famous: Teotihuacan. The best-known structure in this complex is the Pyramid of the Sun (Image 6). This pyramid has a portal that connects to the star system of Sirius. In Taiwan, I found a portal to the Pleiades at a location where the indigenous people of Taiwan used to connect to their ancestors.

Image 6 Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan with a Sirius portal

While I could give many more examples, the pattern is clear. Over the whole world, people used to connect with their ancestors and to do that they used locations that had portals to different star systems.

Portals of the Sidhe

In my dialogues with the Sidhe, which led to the writing of Birth of a New Consciousness (7), the Sidhe mentioned the importance of staying in contact with the star system of your origin to be able to stay connected to your essence. The Sidhe are closely related to us. Their name is Celtic and is short for Aes Sidhe, which means the People of the Mounds. They are a race of humans that are out of phase with the world in which we live, and therefore, they are invisible to most people.

Initially, people believed that the Sidhe are people of legends and lore. However, an increasing number of people connects with them and share about these connections. I met a group of them in the Sedona area. This connection led to communication and the writing of the mentioned book.

After finishing the book, my curiosity was peaked. Do the Sidhe connect with the same type of portals as the indigenous people did and still do? That question started the research that continued for many years, looking at portals in the area where the Sidhe lived. It was initially a rather frustrating journey because I was not familiar with the type of portals we found. It took a long time before I got a clearer picture.

The portals that the Sidhe use are different from the ones that are used by the indigenous people. At the beginning of 2019, we had found in the Sedona area, portals to forty different star systems with which the Sidhe have a connection. I also found portals in connection with Sidhe in North Carolina, Minnesota, and Northern California and all of them are the same as the ones we found in the Sedona area. That seems to indicate all Sidhe connect to similar star systems. In this list, there are two familiar names, Arcturus and Andromeda. However, the frequencies of these portals are different from the ones used by the indigenous people. Something either changed or the Sidhe and we are not related after all. We found the answer in a more extended study of portals in the Sedona area.

Portals and the Founders

To understand this research, we first must make a small sidestep. Human consciousness is held a collective field and grid systems with vortexes that connect these two. The lines of the grids that hold the active part of the collective human consciousness are characterized by lines that have sublines that vary in number from 1 to 13. These sublines always have three wires, and that is why I called them triad lines (8). The consciousness grids were far more extensive than I originally thought. Many years of study resulted in a deeper understanding of the human consciousness grid systems.

Image 7 summarizes the results of the study. There are twelve levels of consciousness in addition to that of the Founders, the first souls that came to Earth to fulfill an agreement with Gaia in which humans were given co-creatorship to help the physical system of Gaia to ascend. The Founders realized that their consciousness had a vibration which prevented them from being an integrated part of the physical system of Gaia. That is why they created twelve levels of consciousness. The purpose was to go down in consciousness until the vibration of humans allowed them to be an integrated part of the physical system of Gaia. That is where we are now.

Image 7 13 levels of Human Consciousness

During the descend in levels of consciousness, we lost the connection with the star systems from which we originated. Therefore, to understand the starting point, it is important to look at the star systems with which the Founders connected. Doing so helps to understand human connections better. Before doing this, let us look at the level of consciousness of the Sidhe. They function on levels 7 to 10 of the human consciousness system. Considering that we currently function mostly at level 1 with an increasing connection with level 2 and incidental moments at level 3, it becomes clear why the Sidhe are better able to remember their origin then we do.

When we compare the portals of the Founders with portals of the Sidhe, there is a strong similarity in the type of portals. The Sidhe may have a wider variety, but all the Founder portals are also in the list of portals of the Sidhe.


Based on the results of our research, we can conclude that the idea that we originate from star systems is an integrated part of human awareness, that stayed with us even when the level of consciousness decreased. However, we may have lost the ability to define the original systems. Besides living on Earth, many souls also have lived on star systems that helped them to fulfill their purpose here on Earth: contributing to the ascension of the Gaia system. However, these star systems are not their origins, but in the memories of the souls, they may be most present. Therefore, people tend to believe that these are the star system from where they came.

Fundamentally, it does not matter from where we came. What matters is that we allow our essence to awaken again and express it through our physical system. Any star system that can help us to awaken the aspects of our essence we need in this life is worth connecting with. Visiting sacred sites and being open optimally for the energies of the portals present at those sites will always contribute to your awakening.

Other portals

Most of my research focused on the above-described portals, which are the ones connected to star systems from where souls originate. Only recently, we discovered other types of portals. One type of portal connects to star systems that bring information into the Gaia system. This information can contribute to the morphogenetic system, or can be aspects of DNA. Although knowledge is limited, I like to give an example. Image 8 shows the location of a portal to the star system of Musca. This star system provided information that contributed to the diversity in lizard species by providing DNA fragments.

Image 8

Even more recently, we found a multi-portal (image 9). A multi-portal is a location that gives access to many different star systems. In this case, the portals are to star systems that help us with the transition of our current world, that in many traditions is called the fourth world, into the new world. These portals are the first signs of support for this important transition that we also call ascension or moving into the golden age. We truly live in exciting times, opening possibilities that we at this moment cannot yet comprehend.

Image 9

I do not doubt that we are at the brink of big changes. We all can choose to be an active part of this process!!!


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