By Jaap van Etten, PhD

UCME has as one of its goals to support the process of the ascension of the Gaia system. We believe that we came here as a species to connect with the physical Gaia system in such a way that we could become part of it. Being an integrated part of Gaia and having taken on the responsibility of caretakers of its system, we are supposed to contribute to the raising of the vibrations of the Gaia system, leading to ascension. We did not do such a good job. The good news, however, is that we do live in a time in which we are a physical part of the Gaia system. Also, we have reached a point at which the process of raising the vibration can actively start. It seems that the timing is critical. We have already destroyed much, and this does not seem to stop soon. Gaia is very clear about how she sees the situation. She made that clear in a message that I shared before. Her message is only becoming more important. It is a driving power behind the work of UCME. Therefore, we share her message again in our series of articles on our website.

Gaia has become a popular name in recent times. It is interesting to hear what people’s interpretation is about the meaning of this name. In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth. Gaia was the great mother of all, the primal Greek Mother Goddess, creator and giver of birth of the Earth. In current times it is thought that Gaia is a higher aspect of Mother Earth. Others say it is the soul of Mother Earth.

James Lovelock published a book called Gaia, A New Look at Life on Earth (Oxford, Great Britain: Oxford Press, 2000). In this book, he defines Gaia as the Earth, including all life, as a self-regulating entity. He believes that Gaia is capable of regulating all systems that are needed for life to exist and to maintain itself. Initially, it was a theory, but this theory got increasing support, even though science rejected the name Gaia, and replaced it by terms as Earth System Science, or Geophysiology.

We know that what we see is a very limited part of what this Gaia system is. There are whole invisible worlds that we cannot see because their frequencies are beyond our senses and instruments. These invisible worlds are full of subtle energies and subtle beings, forming an inherent part of the system that is called Gaia. It goes way beyond what we define as “life” because that is limited to what we see and can observe in physical form.

Over the last twenty-seven years, our interest has been focused on subtle energies. That includes those subtle energies that are connected with the Earth, as is reflected in the book Gifts of Mother Earth (for more information on this book click here). The study of these energies is an ongoing journey. Recently there was a realization that there are many things about Gaia and Earth that seem to be confusing.

The confusion has to do with the relationship between Gaia, Mother Earth, and Nature. All these three systems have their morphogenetic information system. The question that came up is who is doing what and how do these three relate to each other?

One day Gary and I were sitting in a canyon in the Sedona area. We were sitting rather high up the wall of the canyon enjoying the beautiful view (see image). Suddenly we both felt a very powerful presence. We realized that the consciousness we felt was Gaia. In the weeks after this experience, she contacted Jaap several times. One day she gave me a powerful message that we would like to share with you because this message was for all to hear. We give her complete message in this article and hope that many take this seriously.

To help you understand the roles that Gaia, Earth, and Nature play I would like to give you the following information. Gaia is a consciousness, a Being, whose physical expression is the Earth. Within the expression of Earth, there is also the expression of all life, both visible and invisible. All life and its interactions are what you call Nature. You can see Nature as the child of the Mother (Earth) that has been seeded by my consciousness (Gaia). From that perspective, I am the father. However, all three are one, which means that I am all three as well. However, because of my connectedness with Earth, I am experienced as feminine.

I speak to you not so much to help you understand the role of the three aspects of the trinity of Gaia. I speak to you and many others to give a message to humanity. This message has been given many times. It seems that people may hear the message, but they are not, or are hardly responding to it. So the message will be repeated until there is a sufficient response.

When human beings became part of my system and souls wanted to incarnate to experience physicality, we made an agreement. The Earth would be a place to experience physicality and to learn to create within a physical world. Humans were supposed to co-create in such a way that it would lead to an increase in vibration of the physical expression of myself. This increase would lead to the ascension of the physical system as a whole into higher states of consciousness. I, Gaia, would give my full support to this process because this process is an inherent part of my evolution.

Needless to say that humanity as a whole has failed to fulfill their part of the agreement. This failure is a consequence of the fact that human beings no longer see themselves as part of the whole system. They see themselves as above and separate from the system, and see the system as something that is there for them to take from as much as they think they need, without love, respect or to give something back. This attitude has led to damage to the physical planet which is my body, and to nature, diminishing life on a large scale.

The damage is reaching a point that I need to protect my system. That is why I am connecting with those human beings that are willing to listen to tell them that this is a crucial time. Do you want to stay as part of my system? If that is the case, you need to take responsibility for your part of the agreement. See yourself again as part of the system that you call Gaia and help each other to do so. Help each other to remember who you are and what you are here to do. All information is present for those who are open to receive it.

This is an urgent message to ask you to please remember. Love again all that exists within my system: stones, crystals, plants, animals and many invisible beings. Through love, you will again find ways to work together with all your relatives and fulfill your purpose as a species. There still is time. However, be aware: time is running out!!

Throughout her message, I felt her love for us, even when she spoke the last words. I also felt a deep sadness that she needed to express these last words. There also is her pain for us who have separated ourselves so much from her. Let her words sink in as deeply as is possible for you. Feel the energy and her love. Then feel for yourself whether and how you would like to contribute.

For us the answer to how we like to contribute is simple. We need to love ourselves unconditionally which will create the circumstances to remember who we are, knowing that in that process we will contribute exactly that what we are supposed to contribute. This is the process that UCME fully supports.

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