With a special focus on the ancient beings that were here before us.

By Jaap van Etten, PhD

Many people find it difficult to believe that we share this world with invisible beings. The thought itself is quite scary for them. For many, it is already challenging to deal with what is visible. What is invisible is even scarier because you do not know what and where somebody or something is. From a certain perspective, this is surprising. Most people are not aware of invisible beings and, therefore, never have been scared of them. Why would they suddenly be scared when they hear that there are invisible beings? They have never before been bothered by them. Or have they?

Do invisible beings exist?

For many people, the question of whether invisible beings exist will still mostly be answered by an “of course not.” If you cannot see it, why would you believe that it exist? Science can, to some degree, help us with answering this question. They will inform us that our eyes can perceive only a very limited range of frequencies and that there are many frequencies that we cannot see. For example, many animals see frequencies that we cannot see. People believe that cats can see people who recently died. Their perception of frequencies of the astral worlds is larger than that of us.

The only way that we may perceive beings outside the range of our eyes is through extra-sensory perception (ESP). An increasing number of people believe that ESP exists. Even science begins to open the doors for the existence of ESP. Acknowledging ESP still is not common science, but certain scientists dared to research this area and were able to prove that ESP exists (1). However, they focus mainly on subjects such as remote viewing, and telepathy; not so much on the perception of invisible beings.

While the discussion about the existence of invisible beings goes on, I have no difficulty to believe that they exist. I call them subtle beings. The frequencies in which they live are called subtle worlds that permeate our world. Some people have a great interest in these worlds, such as David Spangler (2). While we, in our modern society, try to establish the idea of subtle worlds and beings, many traditions have no problem believing in them. Although it is doubtful whether all descriptions of what they believe is in alignment with reality, there is an awareness that there are invisible beings. Some names of these beings are nature spirits, angels, devas, Djinn, elementals, Sidhe, and even gods. These beliefs are, however, for most people insufficient. I base my belief on information systems that also are invisible, but are to a certain degree, scientifically accepted (3). I call these information systems morphogenetic systems.

Morphogenetic systems

Morphogenetic systems are the energetic blueprints for every being, visible or invisible. Without them, nothing would exist. If you are sensitive or can dowse earth energies, it is easy to find them. However, because every existing being has a morphogenetic grid that exists of lines and vortexes (4), researching these systems can be rather confusing because there are lines and vortexes of morphogenetic grids everywhere.

I use the morphogenetic grid systems to get a deeper understanding of a species that I like to connect with on a deeper level. I also use the grids to check whether a certain invisible species exists. I am aware that it is an approach with many pitfalls, but by collaborating with others and continuous training, the number of mistakes will diminish. I have made many mistakes over time and learned a lot from them. Nonetheless, this approach has helped me to connect with Dragons (5), with Unicorns, with Devas, with Djinns (6) and with many other beings, such as the Sidhe (7). For me, the most important aspect is that I went from not believing in invisible beings to becoming a firm believer in them.

I believe that there are more invisible than visible beings. The subtle worlds and beings are a mostly unexplored area. What I shared above is only a limited aspect, and an article can only touch the subject. However, I wrote this article at a special request from a certain group of these invisible beings. These beings are all around us. I was hardly aware of them until recently. They are very important for the elements of fire, water, air, and earth because they are their guardians. Our way of living influences these elements negatively, and therefore, we have a strong impact on their work.

We are not or hardly aware of the existence of these beings and the effect we have on them and their work. For a long time, they did not want to connect with us because they did not trust us. Although they still do not trust us, they are willing to connect with certain people. Their attitude is changing, and when I recently encountered them, they asked me to share information about their existence.

The deal

The group of beings I am referring to was, until recently, only partly known to me. I had some connection with the Djinn and wrote about them in an article (6). In that article, I mentioned the frustration and anger from the Djinn, who were here on Earth before we came. They are the Ancient Ones. Their frustration and anger had its foundation in our lack of respect for the earth and our systematic destruction of it. They told me that this is also their planet, their home. Our destruction of it directly affects them.

I fully understand their anger. I do not agree with the fact that some of these beings expressed their frustration through harassing people. That happened mainly through a certain group of the djinn who send astral beings that are called the Shadow people to humans. The harm is not physically, but these shadow people induce severe fear and even trauma in people. Almost all people, even those who try to help people that are harassed by them, see them the shadow people as bad and negative and are afraid of them. They believe that these shadow people are the djinn. I also was confused initially. The shadow people have a certain relationship with the djinn but are not the djinn themselves.

In the article that I referred to, I mentioned already that I do not agree with the idea that the Djinn are bad. They make us aware of our fears. Our fears induce actions that harm the world. I found that it is possible to make deals with them that changes the situation for the betterment of all involved. I started to like them, and now I understand that the shadow people are not the djinn themselves, I finally can see them as great beings with whom it is possible to collaborate.

The Djinn told me about their connection with the element of fire. They also shared that there are other ancient beings like them, who have a connection with the elements of water and air. As interesting as I found this information, at the time, my focus was on other subjects, and there was not any follow up on it.

That changed recently. I was working with a person with rather severe problems. I have worked with this person on and off over a couple of years. It became clear that I missed something. There was something that escaped me, as focused as I was. It was one of those aha moments that made me realize that the only reason that we were not successful was that there was a being involved that was too clever for me. It escaped every time I tried to focus on the situation. This realization led to a connection with this being. This being was of a type unknown to me, even though it had a certain familiarity. Also, I was aware that it was far more powerful than I was. That led to the only possible conclusion: try to communicate and make a deal.

Without going into details, we came to the point that the being shared with me that it was related to the Djinn but had air as the dominant element. Translated into English, the name of this group of beings sounded like Aironeans. It was willing to leave the person if I was willing to make a deal with it. The deal was that I would share with humans about their existence and function. They also asked me to share how to connect and communicate with them again. Because this request falls within the vision and mission of metaphysical ecology, I had no problem to say yes.

The first steps

I may have said yes, and I will stick to the deal, but in the days that followed, I began to realize to what I had committed myself. It is difficult for me to communicate with them, I hardly know anything about them, and besides some information about the Djinn, there was, as far as I know, no information available. Suddenly, it was a huge mountain to climb for me. However, at the same time, I trust that information will come. Lack of trust prevents me from receiving information because I get stressed. Already two days later, during a crystal skull meditation, the first information came. Suddenly, I had something that I could use to work with and explore.

Soon, I had a better understanding of the beings that form the four groups that are the ancient ones who lived here long before we came. They have a responsibility for this world, and we must learn to collaborate with them. The first steps are understanding who they are and the basic role they fulfill within the Earth system. These are the steps that I summarize in this article.

The four groups

Based on my first connections with the Djinn, it seemed that there were three groups, each connected with an element. These elements are fire, water, and air. When I connected with them, the question came up about why they did not talk about the element of earth. Should there not be a fourth group? Once I asked them directly, they confirmed that there is a fourth group. When I asked them about this group, they told me that I have already been working with this group. This group is the devas. That immediately made sense to me.

As I summarized in image 1, when the One became self-aware, It created polarity (two). However, polarity is unstable and results in three. We know three as the trinity, which is sacred in many traditions. We also know it as the Mother elements, fire, water, and air. Out of these three, the fourth was created, resulting in the four elemental powers from which creation sprang in an infinite number of ways.

On Earth, we find the four elemental powers manifested in what we call the elements: fire, water, air, and earth. The guardians of these elements are the four groups, mentioned in image 1: the Djinn (fire), the Fluideans (water), the Aironeans (air), and the Devas (earth). These ancient beings are often put together under one name, like devas (the shining ones) or djinn (the unseen ones). It does not matter what names we give them, as long as we acknowledge their existence and learn to collaborate with them for the benefit of the Earth an all that live on her. Based on the current condition of the earth, I feel that we need to give this connection priority.

While in some ways, I got clarity, there also was confusion. In the Dragon book (8), I mentioned that there are 36 groups of Devas. In the article about the Djinn, I mentioned that there were five species.  I understood from the Fluideans and Aironeans that they also have five species. What makes these three groups different from the devas?

Image 2 shows an overview of the Djinn. This overview is the same for the Fuideans and Aironeans. As mentioned, the primary connection of the Djinn is with fire, even though they need to work with all four elemental powers to be able to function. That is true for all four groups. The five species reflect the need and potential to work with the four elemental powers for the optimal functioning of the elements. However, there is a fifth species. That species connects with the elemental power of aether, the fifth elemental power, needed for the creation of the new world. That means that the three groups are already prepared to contribute to the new world. That may be the reason that they come forward at this time. They are aware that at least certain humans are ready to collaborate in the creation of this new world.

What does it mean that the Djinn as fire beings work with all five elemental powers?  Fire stands for consciousness, energy, and passion. The Djinns are the guardians and caretakers who maintain the optimal expression of the fire element in this physical world. It is not about how to work with it; that is the task of the Dragons. However, the way we work with the fire as an element or an elemental power affects the energy of fire within the earth system, and thus affects the Djinn.

There is a fire/fire aspect that works with the essence and purity of the fire expression on the Earth. That includes the lava streams, but also lightning, the actual fire to warm us and to cook on, and energy. The fire/water aspect supports the ability to use the power of fire for creative purposes. It deals with the effects of energies and fires. The fire/air aspect determines the destruction of life versus the creation of life. The fire/earth deals with energies within physical forms. Finally, the fire/aether aspect helps us to begin to understand how to use fire from a higher consciousness perspective, supporting the creation of a world in oneness in which fire functions in harmony, supporting all physical and energetic existence. All these five aspects affect each other. The way we function disrupts the functioning of the first four aspects. Consequently, we make it close to impossible for the Djinn to do their work in a way that they see as optimal. It also prevents the Earth system from moving into the new world.

What we describe of the Djinn is equally true for the other two groups, the Fluideans, and Aironeans. There still is a lot to explore and discover. I like to mention some comments that help understand their role and our lack of understanding. For example, the Fluideans said something very interesting. Every time you drill a well, you affect the flow of water on this planet. It is not that you cannot make a well. It is that humans do it without any knowledge of water flows, any understanding of the effect it has, and without a willingness to talk and communicate with those that have this knowledge. That simple statement made it clear to me how important it is to start communicating and collaborating with these beings to co-create an optimal functioning world.

Also, the Aironeans told me that much of the problems we experience with air movements, such as tornadoes, and hurricanes are a consequence of the fact that due to our pollution of the air and the taking away of the life force in big cities, the air needs to move. It overrules the ability of the Aironeans to balance the air systems, and they no longer can do their job properly.

The connection I made with these beings is a very humbling experience. It makes me realize how little we know of the natural systems of the Earth. I could feel in a new way the importance of learning to communicate with those that hold this knowledge so that we can learn from them and develop more insight into the world in which we live. Then, together with them and many other beings, we can create a new world that supports all that lives on her.

Devas and the fifth element

We already concluded that devas are different from the other three groups. The three groups work with systems that exist, may change in dynamic, and are based on the Mother elements. The element of earth came forth out of these three elemental powers and is responsible for manifestations. As soon as something is manifested and functions as an independent functioning system, a deva will be connected. That is why the number and diversity of devas continuously changes. There is not yet a creation based on the energies of the fifth elemental power on earth, and therefore, there are not yet devas that connect to aether.

We live in an ever-changing dynamic world. To understand these changes and to make them beneficial for the greater good of all, we need to collaborate with these four groups of beings. I hope that many who read this feel openness to explore this collaboration.


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