Is A Crystal More Powerful Than A Stone?

By Jaap van Etten, PhD

Most people will answer the question of whether a crystal is more powerful than a stone with a yes. Some may have some hesitation, but it seems that seen from a historical point of view, those he says yes are right. People wear crystals, even though they are called gem “stones,” and they do not wear a stone found in a riverbed. However, to answer yes, without looking at all aspects, may be premature.

Looking at stones differently…

In the early nineties, when I was still living in The Netherlands, I was deep into crystals. I also was in training by a Paraguayan medicine man. One day he came up with the idea to present a few workshops as part of making people more familiar with his work. He gave a few of his students the assignment to give a workshop of two hours. He told me to give a workshop on stones. I was in shock. I asked whether it could be about crystals, but he was very firm in his decision: It had to be about stones.

I had three months before the workshop, but after two months, I still had no clue what to do. In The Netherlands, especially in the western part where I lived, there are hardly any stones, other than those they use to strengthen the walls of canals and rivers. Even when there are stones, what do you present in a workshop about them? With time pressing, I decided to go to a place where I knew I could find stones. It was at a canal, not far from where I lived. I remember very well how I was sitting there, staring at the stones.

Finally, I decided to pick up a stone. Holding it in my hand and staring at it, something happened. I felt something shifting in me. I made a deeper connection with the stone, and suddenly, I felt a lot of energy. I knew what I wanted to do. Let people connect with stones and share their experiences. I started to collect stones . It was interesting to experience the differences in energy, even when they looked quite similar.

River Stones

When the day of the workshop came, I had collected stones that I experienced as energetic, even though I did not know why. We used them in the workshop, and the participants had amazing experiences. I knew that I could never look at a stone as something that had no value or energy, and I hoped the same happened to the participants.

Connection and activation

Many years have passed since that workshop. I expanded my interest to crystal skulls, and I even wrote two books about them (1). Working with crystal skulls taught me that there are two key aspects: connecting with a crystal skull and activation. The importance of connection made me realize that connecting is a key aspect if you truly want to explore something. It does not matter what it is. Connecting with stones and with crystal skulls ultimately taught me that it is important to connect with anything with which you want to have an optimal interaction. You can never properly interact if you do not connect first. It is one of the main problems I see in our human society. The connections get increasingly shallow, causing problems in relationships on every level. A world of cellphones, texting, Facebook, and other social media does not improve the quality of the connections we make.

In the same way, as we cannot understand another person if we do not connect with that person, we also will not understand a plant, a tree, or an animal if we do not connect with them. Therefore, connecting is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

While it seems logical for getting to know people, animals, and even trees and plants, it seems less logical for stones. People do connect with crystals, and there is an increase in interest in working with crystals in different forms, including the form of a skull. However, connecting with a stone also gives the opportunity to get to know a stone better.

You can make a connection at many different levels. It depends on the perspective from which you make a connection. For example, a connection made from the heart will be more expanding than just thinking about it. We see that with crystals, crystal skulls, and stones reflected in what I call levels of activation. Connecting deeper with a crystal or stone will awaken more of the potential of a crystal or stone. Depending on how you connect with a stone or crystal defines what aspect of the crystal or stone will be activated. Over time, I found that the process of connecting and activating goes parallel with the level of consciousness from which we make the connection. Discovering this opened exciting doors and led to a deeper understanding of crystals and stones.

Activation and energy layers

Initially, when you connect deeper with crystals and stones, it gives a feeling of the awakening of that crystal or stone, leading to a better understanding of its qualities. Over time, when the ability to sense increases, it will become clear that with an increase of activation, the field around the stone and crystal also increases. This field turns out not to be harmonious but has layers. Becoming aware of layers made it possible to follow the process of activation. In doing so, you will discover that different materials have a different maximum number of layers. This maximum number of layers always is a multiple of 12. I call a group of 12 a level. All crystals and all stones, independent of the composition, always have at least one level, one group of 12, and most of them have only this one group. Image 2 gives an overview of crystals and stones and their maximum number of layers. It shows that only a limited number of crystals and stones have more than 12 layers. When I talk about a maximum number of layers, I mean that that is the number of layers that can be activated at the same time. It means that quartz, when you can go to the maximum, will have 72 layers, which means 6 levels, all active at the same time.

Layers Crystals and Stone

We are still learning what it means to have all these layers active at the same time. We have seen in the workshops and group meditation that the activation does not go above the 36 layers. There is a kind of barrier between the first 36 layers and the second group of 36 layers. The first group of 36 helps us to create an optimal functional physical system. The second group, which only is present in quartzes, helps us to create a balance and optimal exchange between our physical and spiritual aspects.

Based on what is just shared, it seems that only quartz supports our spiritual functioning. That turns out to be not true. Let us take a crystal with 12 layers as maximum. This group will primarily work on the physical system and helps us to create an optimally functioning personality (a healthy ego that surrenders to the guidance of the heart). That may be the reason why so many stones and crystals have only 12 layers. Functioning optimally in this physical world in a healthy, balanced way should be our first goal. However, you can activate this group of 12 layers to higher frequencies. This activation occurs in quantum jumps. If sufficiently activated, the group jumps in vibration from the frequencies of the first level (the first group of 12) to the frequencies of the second level. It functions now on the frequencies of layer 13 to 24. Once at that frequency range, you can then activate it to the third level ( layers 25 to 36). The next step of activation will bring the stone or crystal in the frequency range in which it supports the functioning from a more spiritual perspective. Therefore, what a crystal or stone can do depends to a large degree on the activation of its potential qualities by bringing it to higher levels of vibration.

Use of stones and activation

While we know that people have used and still are using crystals, did they also use stones? The answer is visible in many places all over the world in what we call megalithic sites. When we look at megalithic sites, most people are interested in the question of how they got the stones at the places they used them and how they got the stones on top of each other. We ask this question when we look at pyramids, dolmens, standing stones, stone circles, and obelisks. However, the real question may be more about their function, seen from an energy perspective.

The Largest Dolmen in Borger, The Netherlands

People who have no experience with energies and do not understand activation may not be able to look beyond physical appearances. However, if you can open yourselves for energies, you may experience megalithic sites as “powerful.” While “powerful” is a subjective experience, it reflects the ability to perceive energies. Even more helpful will be the ability to see energy layers, as they tell us whether the stones used were activated or not. If you have that ability, you are in for a surprise. The builders have activated the stones of all megalithic sites that I have checked. People in those days were connected to the energies of stones and knew how to use their power. In doing so, they created energy fields that support the activities in their communities. They knew the energies of stones in a way that we lost, but begin to rediscover. Using natural stones that we activate in a way that their potential is available will change the environment in which we live.

Is a crystal more powerful than a stone?

Let us go back to the question that forms the title of this article. Is a crystal more powerful than a stone? To answer this question, we have to look again at the word “powerful.” We mentioned that “powerful” is a subjective experience. We call something powerful when it has a strong, noticeable impact on us, basically in a positive way. That means that what one person experiences as powerful is not necessarily also experienced by another person as powerful. Also, the energetic make-up of a person makes a person more sensitive for certain energies than for others. In other words, we may have to conclude that we cannot define which of the two is more powerful. Therefore, there is no use in arguing which stone or crystal is more powerful.

Besides personal preferences, also the level of activation plays an important role in the experience. The subjective experience of people in a group changes when I activate stones or crystals to higher frequencies. Interestingly, that is an experience that almost everyone in the group shares.

Is there any possibility to define “powerful” in an absolute sense? For example, is a quartz crystal with 72 layers more powerful than fluorite with 12 layers? Based on our experiences, even that is not true.

The key to working with crystals and stones is to learn to feel your response to their energies. That helps you to understand who you are. When you allow the unfoldment of your potential to happen, it will help you to understand that your experience of power will continuously change.


  1. These two books are:
  • Jaap van Etten, Crystal Skulls, Interacting with a Phenomenon, Flagstaff, Arizona: Light Technology Publishing, 2007.
  • Jaap van Etten, Crystal Skulls, Expand your Consciousness, Flagstaff, Arizona: Light Technology Publishing, 2013.


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