Goals of the Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology (UCME)

To fulfill its vision as a stimulating platform for creating a new world, UCME has these specific goals:

  • Improve quality of life of all beings within the Gaia system, beginning with the individual

  • Support and stimulate optimal functioning of human beings, leading to more love, joy, happiness, and abundance

  • Support people in taking more responsibility for their role as caretakers of the Gaia system

  • Support the development of a new world

  • Develop programs for the creation of the University for Metaphysical Ecology

  • Explore the relationship of Gaia within the Universal Living System in support of the ascension of all beings

UCME intends to give form to these goals in three ways:

  1. Research and Development: The research focuses on a deeper understanding of metaphysical ecology subjects, and sharing the results through articles, books, and videos. The results also are integrated into different educational programs.
  2. Education and Training: We develop education and training through workshops, lectures, online courses, retreats and programs that support individual development, and a deeper understanding of the world in which we live and its place in the Universal Living System. The Education
  3. Promotion and funding: UCME supports as optimal as possible all that relates to the expansion of the awareness of Metaphysical Ecology


On the individual side, symposiums, webinars, teaching programs, workshops and online courses will focus on:

  • Helping people raise their vibration

  • Healing and balancing of subtle energy systems

  • Expanding of consciousness

  • Brain training to receive and perceive more information, especially from subtle energy systems

  • Balancing people’s gut-heart and head-brain disparities

The purpose of these educational programs is to help individuals better express their spiritual essence in this expanding and ever changing universe where they decided to incarnate.


UCME strives to support research and the sharing of information on subjects that are part of Metaphysical Ecology. The purpose is to see the Gaia system from a broader perspective, including subtle energy systems, subtle beings, and subtle worlds. The information will help people better understand the system of which they are the caretakers. This information will be presented through articles, books, and videos, and also through lectures, workshops, and online courses. Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Subtle Earth energies, their effect on humans and their role in the physical and subtle worlds

  • Understanding subtle worlds and the beings that live in these worlds, how they interact and affect our physical world, and how in return we affect theirs

  • Collaboration efforts with subtle beings to improve the quality of life for all beings, visible and invisible, both within the Gaia system and the Universal Living System

  • How we can connect and learn to collaborate with subtle beings to be true guardians of Gaia and how we can contribute to the raising of the vibrations of the Gaia system

Information gathered through the research will be used to build curricula for the University for Metaphysical Ecology.

Education and Training

UCME will develop Educational and training programs. These programs will be for people of every age, from children to seniors. There will be basic and advanced programs on the different subjects of Metaphysical Ecology. Elements within these programs may take a diversity of forms, such as symposiums, webinars, workshops, online courses, and advanced training programs. All that we will offer is part of building the University for Metaphysical Ecology (UME).

All subjects that we are already offering and will offer in the future will fall under the following currently defined training programs:

  1. Training for personal development as a basis for other training programs.
  2. Training to become a facilitator for healing and developmental programs to support others to develop and express their potential.
  3. Training to become an Earth Energies guardian and teacher.
  4. Training to become a guardian and caretaker, together with the Whales, of the morphogenetic system as a basis of being a channel or translator of information from the morphogenetic field of Gaia.
  5. Training to work with Crystalline energies.
  6. Training to work, collaborate and co-create with Subtle Worlds and Subtle beings.
  7. Training to collaborate and co-create with Trees
  8. Training to collaborate and co-create with Plants
  9. Training to collaborate and co-create with Animals
  10. Training to collaborate with Fungi
  11. Training to collaborate with Microbiomes
  12. Training to connect with portals and the consciousness of Star Nations
  13. Training in working with Universal energies

The purpose of these educational programs is to help individuals better express their spiritual essence and contribute more optimally to the shift from this (the fourth) world into the new (fifth) world.

Promotion and Funding

As a platform, UCME will support projects that contribute to the fulfillment of its vision and goals, including the development of the University of Metaphysical Ecology (UME). It will provide financial support for programs, and general support in the form of administration, promotion, and technical support.

UCME is a non-profit organization. To fulfill its mission, it depends mostly on funding. If you feel inclined or know people to support us, please connect with Gary: gary@ucme.international, or call 760-560-7934.


The Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology is a non-profit organization in the initial phases of development and is depending on donations and sponsorships. If you resonate with our vision and goals and would like to support us with a tax-deductible gift, please click on the button below.

If you would like to discuss options or would like to know more about our activities, please feel free to connect with us. You can do that in the followings ways.
Telephone: Gary Palisch at 760-560-7934
Email: info@ucme.international

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