Expansion of Consciousness is inevitable

By Jaap van Etten, PhD

The Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology (UCME) supports a number of processes. These processes are part of the study of Metaphysical Ecology, the science of the understanding of our interaction with the visible and invisible worlds. The first process is the raising of our vibration to allow the optimal expression of our spiritual essence in this world. The second process is the understanding of the world in which we live with the main emphasis on the subtle beings and subtle worlds. The third process is a deeper understanding of all interactions between the visible and invisible beings and worlds. All these studies lead to the support of the ascension of Gaia which includes all the visible and invisible worlds and beings. To contribute to the ascension of Gaia, we need to express our essence, our uniqueness most optimally and to understand how to do that within the Gaia system. Therefore, all these processes are inseparable.

To be able to express our spiritual essence through our physical system, we need to raise the vibration of that physical system. The vibrational state of our physical system determines how much of our spiritual essence we can express.

Our spiritual essence is also called our Higher Self, which is a fragment of our Soul. This Soul fragment has a much higher level of consciousness than the world in which it incarnated. Therefore, seen from the perspective of that Soul fragment, it needs to “forget” (amnesia) to be able to stay and function in this low vibration. This amnesia seems to be part of a planned process.

During our research of the last year, we came across grid systems and locations in the Sedona area that connects with the Founders. We can define the Founders as the collective consciousness of the first Souls that came to Earth. They induced the humanoid consciousness into the Gaia system. This induction happened in the Sedona area (see image 1).

Image 1 – Location Induction point human consciousness

Initially, their consciousness was too high to be able to become part of the vibrational system of the Earth. They, and those that came after them, needed to become an integrated part of Gaia to be able to fulfill the agreement they made with Gaia: to support the process of ascension of the Gaia system. To bridge the difference in frequencies they created 12 levels of consciousness (image 2).

Image 2 Human Consciousness and steps out of phase

Over time, different “civilizations,” such as Lemuria and Atlantis, activated and lived in these different levels of consciousness. Finally, human consciousness reached the lowest level of consciousness, level 1, held by the personalities connected with the physical human beings who are now an integrated part of the physical system of Gaia (Mother Earth).  

Unfortunately, the combination of amnesia, low vibrations and the fact that we have free will, has led to a disconnection from the system of which we are an integrated part. Living at the lowest levels of consciousness, we are now invited to raise our vibrations so that we can connect with higher levels of consciousness. Our journey is to contribute to the ascension of Gaia. Therefore, we now  need to include the whole Gaia system with all her aspects in this increase of vibration. This journey is why we are here. It seems that when we look around, the process of increasing consciousness is a big challenge. Some people even doubt whether this is possible. However, according to the Founders, the process of increasing consciousness is inevitable.

To understand the process, we need to look again at image 2. There are 12 levels of consciousness spread over four different realities. These realities are all out of phase with each other. Being out of phase means that we are not able to see or hear aspects of these realities, seen from the perspective of our reality. However, we may receive glimpses of these out of phase realities through extrasensory perception.

All levels of consciousness exist in grid systems. We described the grid systems of our reality in Gifts of Mother Earth as consciousness grids or triad grids (for more information on this book click here ). All grids of the consciousness levels that belong to the other realities also have grids.

Image 3 A level 6 consciousness grid

Image 3 shows an example of a grid that is one step out of phase with our reality.

Image 4 shows one of the vortexes of this grid.

Image 4 Location of a vortex of a level 6 consciousness grid

We continue research on grids of consciousness levels belonging to these other realities.

As indicated in image 2, our reality has three levels of consciousness. If we want to understand our reality, we have to understand these three levels of consciousness. In short, we can describe these three levels of consciousness as follows.

The lowest level of consciousness, level 1, is the level of consciousness in which people will do everything to make sure that they can fulfill their physical needs. These needs are sufficient food and water, clothes, a place to live and to feel safe. The fulfillment of these needs creates a basis for feeling safe and of being taken care. This level of consciousness can be called the “I-level” of consciousness: “I need to feel safe, protected and accepted in this world.” Any disturbance that takes away the feelings of safety, protection, and acceptance, real or imagined, creates survival strategies. These strategies induce polarities that sometimes can become so strong that they can lead to killing, and on a larger scale to war and genocide. Most of the time, people in our world function on this level of consciousness.

The second level of consciousness is the level of collaboration, community, and increasing altruism. This level of consciousness can be called the “we-level.” At this level, we realize that we need to work together to make our society function in a way that supports all people. Most people on their spiritual path function to various degrees on this level of consciousness.

The third level of consciousness is the level in which we function and act from the understanding that everything is connected. This level is the level of living in oneness. We can call this level the “all-level.”, the level spiritual people aspire to live from as optimally as possible.

These three levels are not separated. Depending on the situation, we may function from any of these three levels individually or in combination. As we develop, we will function increasingly from higher levels of consciousness.

Currently, people increasingly begin to develop senses that help them to connect with higher levels of consciousness that belong to realities that are out of phase with ours. Doing so, people will bring aspects from these other realities into our reality. This process helps to increase the vibration of our reality and is the basis of the statement that an increase in consciousness is inevitable.

An example of a connection with other realities with higher levels of consciousness is the connection with the Sidhe. The Sidhe in the Sedona area function from a consciousness level connected to a reality that is two steps out of phase with ours. Connecting with the Sidhe, for example through the book Birth of a New Consciousness (for more information on the book click here  will contribute to raising the consciousness of our reality.

While the rise of consciousness is inevitable, we can make this journey easy or difficult, long or short, fun or depressing. We hold our future in our hands. Let us choose to connect with our essence, bring more of it into this reality to contribute to the ascension of the Gaia system, and make this a fun and loving journey.


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