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If we are serious about contributing to the new world it is important to develop a balanced system. Only a balanced system will allow our spiritual essence to express itself optimally through the physical system. There are many ways we can create a balanced system, the most powerful one is through the chakras.

Chakras are energy centers that reflect the way we function overall and in each moment. They are a wonderful information system telling how a person deals (or does not deal) with the challenges of life.

Another powerful aspect of chakras is that Mother Earth has vortexes that hold the optimal energy of each of our chakras. That means that Mother Earth can help us to find the optimal balance in our system.

Working with chakras is learning to understand the way you function, what aspects are in alignment, and which ones are not, and how to change those aspects that are not in alignment. The support of Mother Earth is invaluable in this process.

Using the energies of Mother Earth, participants have the option to bring their chakras into the most optimal state possible at that moment. The workshop helps to do that faster and in a more optimal way. It is important to continue to work with chakras because it is a life-long process. The workshop gives directions on how to do that optimally.

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