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As a result of the way most people function, our brain operates mainly at the beta level. These beta frequencies help us to function in our daily life. However, for many people, these waves connect to a lot of fight and flight strategies. Once the fear patterns on a conscious and subconscious level diminish, the door opens easier for the development of other brainwaves.

Brainwaves form two main groups; the first group is frequencies lower than 14 Hertz, that deal with the reception of information. The second group is frequencies higher than 14 Hertz that deal with perception, the translation of the received information into an understanding that will allow action, and sharing.

Typically discussions about the brain only deal with the brain in our head.  We also have brains in our intestinal tract and our heart. They have a strong effect on the head brain, as they provide important information. The gut-brain provides information about the way we function in this world and is most responsible for the induction of fear-based emotions.

To be able to receive and translate energies (which is information) from the metaphysical realms, development of the brains is essential.

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