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The basic purpose of this workshop is to learn how to become a conscious creator in personal life and business, to create a life filled with joy, fulfillment, love, and success. This success is not so much about becoming rich in a material sense, but successful in fulfilling your life purpose. This program is important for everyone and highly recommended for those who want to contribute to Metaphysical Ecology and the creation of a new world.

In this workshop we will introduce the energy of Dragons, specifically Duality Dragons as discussed in the book “Dragons: Guardians of Creative Powers; Becoming a Conscious Creator”.

This program has a title similar to that of the subtitle of the book  “Dragons: Guardians of Creative Powers; Becoming a Conscious Creator.” However, this program focuses on topics based on the work with dragons, and the foundation of conscious creatorship. This program goes into more details, helping you to be more successful in your daily life and your work. While Dragons unavoidably will guide those following the workshop, there is no need to believe in dragons to do this program.

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