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No one will deny that we are living in a time of change. However, it is not clear where these changes lead us. There are many visions and many programs that indicate what needs to be done. However, most of these programs are based on a vision in which the world is only approached from a physical and materialistic point of view. However, we are beginning to realize that our world is not only made of measurable energies and physical systems but that there are also subtle energies and subtle worlds with subtle beings. We can never grow into a balance in this world if we do not embrace and accept the world in its fullness (that includes subtle worlds, beings and energies). The knowledge needed to look at the world in this way is defined as Metaphysical Ecology.

During the lecture there is not only information but we also get into experiences. It is the experiences that connect us with what we can not see and help us to trust that “there is something”. From these connections we can learn to cooperate with all beings who live in this world, visible and invisible.

Jaap van Etten, PhD, was born and educated in the Netherlands. He received his PhD in biology in Amsterdam with a specialty in ecology. For the past twenty-eight years, he has mainly focused on metaphysical ecology, in which, besides the physical, he also involves the subtle worlds.

Jaap is an international speaker and workshop leader, has five books (three of which have been translated into Dutch) and many articles written, and is the co-founder of Lemurantis, Metaphysical Ecology and The Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology. He lives in America with his wife Jeanne Michaels.