By Jaap van Etten, PhD

Crystals and stones are alive, and their energies support all life. That was not what I was taught, and I am quite sure neither were you. We learned that all life is higher in evolution than stones and rocks. After stones came plants, then animals and the top of the evolution is the human being: Homo sapiens. I believed it, and when I was teaching at the university, I taught the same ideas. The defense of “I did not know better” is lame, even though it is true. Now I do know better. I know that it is the other way around: the crystalline energies connected to stones and crystals are at the top and not at the bottom of the vibrational system of Gaia. I will share what that means.

The role of crystalline energies

If we want to understand the importance of the crystalline energies, we need to look at the information system that holds the full potential of Earth’s potential. We call the consciousness of the Earth and all that lives on her, Gaia. It is Gaia’s potential that is held in this information system that I call the morphogenetic system. The expression of Gaia’s potential resulted in many different Earth energies such as crystalline energies and forms such as crystals, plants, and animals.

To make this whole system functional, the Earth has many grids with lines and vortexes. They form a field of energy in which we all live. Being aware of this field’s different aspects is so important that I dedicated thirty years to studying these energies. I summarize the basic principles in a book called Gifts of Mother Earth (1). One of these grid systems is the crystalline grid.

All energy systems and forms depend on the morphogenetic system, which has twelve fields. Image 1 gives an overview of this system.

The different aspects of the Morphogenetic field

Each field affects all fields below it and is influenced by all the fields above it. The highest field is level 12; the lowest is level 1. In the image, I only defined fields 12 and 11. The image shows that field 12 represents the crystalline energies, which affect all life on Earth. Image 2 shows a vortex of the level 12 morphogenetic grid, representing the field’s expression on Earth. Looking at this picture allows you to connect with the crystalline morphogenetic field’s energies, which holds the potential of all crystalline energies.

A vortex of the level 12 Morphogenetic grid

The level 11 morphogenetic system determines the presence and form of the co-creators. We are one of the groups of co-creators. It means that crystalline energies strongly affect and support us. It also means that the crystalline energies help us to express our full potential. That statement makes the importance of crystalline energies abundantly clear.

The crystalline grid

A field holds the full potential of a system, and the part of that potential that the Earth system actively works with is stored in grids. The connection between the grid and the field is called a vortex. A vortex covers an area, but you experience the purest aspect of the grid and the field in the vortex center. Image 2 shows such a center of a vortex.

The Earth has not one crystalline grid, but 12. Each of them represents an expression of potential. They differ in frequencies: level 1 has the lowest frequency and level 12 the highest. Image 3 gives an overview.

The crystalline grid levels and their relationship to our world

We can talk a lot about the different levels, but we will restrict to a few aspects in this article. In the image, you can see that not all levels belong to our world. Gaia has four energy bodies, the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, that each offer different experiences leading to four worlds. From our human consciousness perspective, these four worlds are separate. We live in the fourth world and are hardly or not aware of the other three worlds. Therefore, we restrict ourselves to the 9 levels that we can experience in our world.

When you study the crystalline grids, a pattern emerges. Levels 1 to 5 are the foundation of all levels. The higher levels offer higher frequencies and awaken more of the potential of Mother Earth in our world. A well-developed basic system of levels 1 to 5 is essential for all life and awakening the Earth’s potential.

We disturb the basic five crystalline grid levels

I did most of my studies on the crystalline grids in the Sedona area of Arizona, mostly in the wilderness. When I studied levels 1 to 5, I discovered that the grid developed entirely different than all other grids I was familiar with. I always found that the lines of a grid are all the same. They all have the same style and frequency. However, that was not the case with these five primary crystalline grid lines. At a vortex, where several lines come together, lines of different levels connect.

A second, more shocking discovery came when I approached the town of Sedona. Suddenly, the levels 1 to 5 grid lines disappeared (image 4 left).

The crystalline grid levels 1 to 5 in and around Sedona in November 2011 (left) and April 2020 (right)

This discovery led to extensive research. The conclusion was that in human settlement areas, be it a village, town, or city, the lines no longer exist. This phenomenon occurs worldwide. That may seem to be not such a big deal, but it is. The first five levels of crystalline energies are the foundation of all other grids’ functioning on Earth. The disappearance of the first five levels of the crystalline grid affects all other grids’ functioning by either disrupting or diminishing their function. It means that people in their communities are no longer optimally supported by the energies of Mother Earth. The consequences may not be immediately noticeable, but it leads to being less grounded, more stressed, a decrease in our immune system’s functioning, and an increasingly weakening overall condition. It is the main reason chronic diseases are on the rise. It is a hidden factor that is hardly or not recognized.

The relationship between crystals, crystal skulls, stones, and crystalline grids

Before I studied crystalline grids, I had a fascination with crystal skulls and crystals. I learned that awaking their potential (activation) led to an increase in energies that have many benefits for us. I perceived a rise in the awakening of crystal skulls and crystals’ potential to increase the energy layers around them. The study of crystal skulls and crystals’ potential took more than twenty years before patterns became apparent. The maximum number of layers of a crystal skull or crystal depends on their material. The number of layers of all of the researched materials is a multiple of twelve.  A crystal can have one to six groups of 12 layers, depending on the material, with quartz having six groups of 12, the highest number.

These activated energies stimulate our development. They expand our awareness, align our energies, and facilitate the development of our three brains and their interactions. More importantly, activating crystal skulls and crystals create crystalline energy fields and vortexes. When powerful enough, these vortexes get connected by crystalline grid lines of level 6 and increase to level 9 in our world.

Image 5 shows the relationship between the number of layers, summarized in groups of 12, and the levels of crystalline grid lines. It also shows the effect these crystalline energies have on our energy bodies. Looking at these effects on our energy bodies is an article in itself, and I do not include that here. But it shows that crystalline energies support our personal development.

The relationship between groups of 12, the number of layers, and the human energy bodies

Restoring crystalline grid lines levels 1 to 5 works

Understanding that there is a relationship between activation and levels of crystalline grid lines made me wonder whether we could use this to restore the grids of levels 1 to 5. We were aware that working with crystal skulls and crystals did not lead to the appearance of lines of levels 1 to 5. Only lines of a higher frequency appeared. Could the creation of crystalline fields of higher frequencies contribute to the restoration?

We are in the fortunate circumstance of having a large circle of crystal skulls and crystals that we used for personal and group meditation for more than 15 years (image 6).

The circle of crystal skulls and other crystals in our house

We decided to use the weekly group meditations as an experiment. Every week, we intended to activate the circle’s energy field to its optimum to expand the field’s size and restore the grids. Sedona is 16 to 21 miles away from our crystal skull circle. We used the Sedona area as a test case to see whether we were successful. After eight months, we checked the results. These were more than impressive. Lines appeared where they were gone, and several new crystalline grid vortexes formed. Image 4 shows the difference in lines and vortexes after our experimental period (right side). We were very excited to demonstrate that restoring the crystalline grid levels 1 to 5 is possible.

The crystalline grid levels 1 to 5 in and around Sedona in November 2011 (left) and April 2020 (right)

Working on a larger scale

Knowing that it works, we realized that this experience needed to be shared. We wanted to stimulate people to contribute to the restoration of the crystalline grids levels 1 to 5 to improve life quality for all living beings in towns and cities. Of course, our main concern was Mother Earth and people, as they were most directly affected. Knowing that the human race in many developed countries is at an increasingly younger age suffering from chronic diseases, it is essential to change the energetic environment. The scale at which we need to do this seems somewhat overwhelming. However, we believe that every step is valuable, and the key is to start the process. We trust that more people will get excited and want to participate once we have more results.

To start the process, we created the Crystalline Movement (2). This Movement forms a basis for bringing people together to collaborate with Mother Earth in working with crystalline energies, stimulate collaboration, and provide courses to help people develop their skills, qualities, and abilities.

We started on September 1, 2020. People did recognize the importance and became members. They began to create crystalline fields using crystals and stones. Also, people started to collaborate.

The Crystalline Movement did not start from scratch. In the past, people also worked with crystalline energies, creating megalithic structures (image 7).

Postkaer Stenhus, the largest dolmen (megalithic structure) in Denmark

These structures connect through crystalline grid lines of the highest level in our world, level 9. These crystalline systems are dormant. As part of the Crystalline Movement, people started to awaken them. That contributed to a much faster expansion of the restoration. It also contributed to an increase in enthusiasm.

The first results

We expected that it would take time for people to build up their crystalline energy fields through activation and meditation. Only when crystalline fields are powerful enough lines will appear. These lines will form a grid system, together with already existing lines and the awakening of old lines. The participants’ enthusiasm, efforts, and weekly meditations with all Crystalline Movement members were enough to induce crystalline grid lines already after a couple of months.

The largest density of members is in The Netherlands and Denmark. It is therefore not surprising that the first lines appeared there. Image 8 shows the lines that appeared in The Netherlands by January 15, 2021,

Map of Belgium and The Netherlands, showing the crystalline grid lines created in the first four-and-a-halve months of the Crystalline Movement

and image 9, that of Denmark at the same time. These maps show only a moment in time as the development of lines goes increasingly fast.

Map of Denmark, showing the crystalline grid lines created in the first four-and-a-halve months of the Crystalline Movement

Conclusion and invitation

We can only conclude that we can restore the crystalline grids that we destroyed. Dedicated people obviously can quickly achieve a lot. Mother Earth is grateful for what is happening.

While we now know that it works, we feel that it is crucial that more people feel the importance of this work. If you recognize this importance and feel from your heart that you want to participate, please join us (2).


  1. Jaap van Etten, Gifts of Mother Earth, Earth Energies, Vortexes, Lines, and Grids. Flagstaff, AZ: Light Technology Publishing, 2011.
  2. Please visit the following website: or watch this YouTube:


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