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Do you feel a connection with Mother Earth and know that you are here to support her evolution? Do you want to answer the call of Mother Earth to actively contribute to the influx of new energies in this time of transition? If so, continue reading, and feel whether you resonate with this project.

A Time of Transition

In her first message (see below), Mother Earth stated that we live in a time of transition in which many new energies are coming into her system. To support her, we must open ourselves to these new energies.

The most important type of these new energies comes from beings in the different star systems. These beings are our family, who supported us through time in many ways. The indigenous people call them our Ancestors.

Guidance happens in strange ways. Through a series of messages, our founding member Jaap van Etten felt guided to go to places where these new energies enter the Earth. These energies are still mostly dormant. According to Mother Earth and the people from the Star Nations, it is time for those who feel called to activate these new energies in such a way that they will become an active part of Mother Earth’s system.

Mother Earth called the appearance of these portals the first step. These portals came in two waves, and the first portal of the first wave appeared in April 2019 (image 1), containing all the portals of the first wave. The first portal of the second wave appeared almost exactly a year later (image 2). In June 2020, the establishment of the potential of these new multi-portals was complete.

In her second message (see below), she invited us to participate in the next step: activate the new multi-portals’ energies. According to her, there are three main goals.

  • To help those who connect with these new energies to expand and make a deeper connection with their spiritual essence.
  • To activate these new energies, so they become part of the Earth system and available for those guided to work with these energies.
  • To lay the foundation for a new world. While this may seem far away, contributing to laying the foundation is our gift to Mother Earth, supporting her evolution.

The importance of the new energies

To understand the importance of these new energies, we need to look at morphogenetic systems. The morphogenetic field of Gaia (the consciousness of Mother Earth and all that lives on her) holds the information of the full potential of Mother Earth. This field seems to hold the guidelines for evolution, resulting in the four worlds of Gaia. While we know that a new world is about to unfold, we always thought this would be based on a balanced interaction of the four worlds. We also believed that the fifth world’s information would be already present in the Morphogenetic field of Gaia. According to Mother Earth, this is only partly true. Much of the new world’s information is present, but for the Earth to fulfill her role in the Universe, more is needed. Her readiness for the next phase made it possible to add information. That is the information that comes through the new multi-portals. As co-creators, we determine which of these new energies in which order get activated and integrated into the morphogenetic field. That is why she needs us.

The activation

It seems that the number of new connections to star-systems in the form of multi-portals is complete. Mother Earth asks us to connect and activate these energies, resulting in expanding the morphogenetic system.

The two waves of new portals each have 32 multi-portals. Because of the difference in energy between the two waves, Mother Earth suggested creating two separate courses.

It may seem premature to start with those new energies, given that we have not yet created balance in our world. But Mother Earth disagrees and mentioned that these are parallel processes. The new energies will speed up the current information’s expression, leading our Earth into more balance and harmony.

We will activate one multi-portal per week, continuing for 32 weeks. Each activation will be recorded and available as a video, creating an online course. Once completed, the online course will be available indefinitely for new people to join. After completing the first course, we will continue another 32 weeks to activate the second wave’s multi-portals with those interested in creating the second course.


We invite those who feel a resonance with these activations to participate. We will do the activations through guided meditations on Zoom. It is advisable to do first lesson 1 online (8 short videos, 33 minutes) before participating in the activities, either live on Zoom (weekly 30 – 45 minutes) or through the course. You can do each of the activation meditations as often as possible, knowing that they support Mother and yourself on your evolutionary path. Also, you can start at any time. The connections with the multi-portals do not have a specific order.

Participation is open to anybody interested. The price for both courses is $129.90. If you want to do only the first course, the price is $89.90. You can always decide to do the second course later. Then the price will be $69.90.

The weekly activation’s will be on Monday at 11:00 am Arizona time, starting on Monday, April 5, 2021. For a time zone converter, use this website: When you miss the Zoom activation, you can use the recorded activation to connect with the multi-portal.

When you sign up, you will receive further instructions and information.

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Enrollment is open and Lesson 1 of the course is available March 28, 2021. The first activation is on April 5, 2021.

To enroll in both courses:

To enroll in course 1 only:

Image 1 The induction point of all 313 new connections (portals) to star systems of the first wave

Image 1 The induction point of all 313 new connections (portals) to star systems of the first wave

Image 2 The induction point of all 233 new connections (portals) to star systems of the second wave

Image 2 The induction point of all 233 new connections (portals) to star systems of the second wave


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