What is Metaphysical Ecology?

Metaphysical Ecology studies and defines ecosystems (biomes) from both the physical and non-physical (subtle energy and spiritual) perspective. Purely ecological research looks strictly at biotic (other living beings) and abiotic factors (non-living influences, like climate, soil, etc.), and excludes invisible factors. For example, the snake in the picture lies on rocks in the Sun, creating a certain temperature (abiotic factors) along with vegetation and possibly many other small creatures (biotic factors). Metaphysical Ecology adds invisible subtle beings to the biotic factors for a complete holistic view of the system. These invisible subtle beings could be nature spirits, Devas, or extraterrestrial visible and invisible beings. It also adds subtle Earth energies such as energy lines, vortexes, grids, and portals to the abiotic factors. This approach creates an all-encompassing expanded view of natural systems for a more complete understanding of the world in which we live.

We believe the complex term “Metaphysical Ecology” best describes the essence of our vision. Metaphysical Ecology, in basic terms, fully encompasses all interactions that exist within the Gaia system (the Earth and everything that lives on her) both on a visible and invisible subtle level.

Metaphysical Ecology Systems

The image below gives an overview of the different systems that are part of Metaphysical Ecology. They will be included in the research and programs that we are developing as well as in the University for Metaphysical Ecology (UME).

Why are we here on Earth?

To fulfill our role within the Gaia system and understand Metaphysical Ecology in a profound way, we need a deeper understanding of why we are here on Earth. The following statements summarize the basic premises from which Metaphysical Ecology works:

1) Individually, we are here to express our spiritual or divine essence through the process of raising the vibration of our physical system. Therefore, we need to overcome the current limitations of our physical system so that we can better express our essence.

2) Collectively, we are here to contribute to the creation of a new world that supports the optimal functioning of all living Gaia systems.

Only through collaboration can we induce the forming of a new world. However, our individual process is an essential contribution to the overall ascension process. Metaphysical Ecology describes and explains information that supports both processes and develops programs to support them.

The subject of Metaphysical Ecology has three major areas that all interact with each other. Although we define these three areas, they are not separated. However, they help to organize this extensive subject of ME into programs and subjects. These three fields are:

  • Human Ecology – This field includes all subjects that help people to transform all that prevents them from expressing their potential. In understanding our human systems, we need to scrutinize the integration of the physical and subtle human systems. A key aspect is the role of consciousness and awareness. Part of this is the study of the role of the human microbiome that is an integrated part of our system. It will allow humans to raise their vibration and contribute to the creation of the New World (ascension). We call this the field of preparation.
  • Gaia Ecology –  This field contains subjects that help people to understand the world in which they live. With “world” we refer not only to the physical, visible world but include the invisible subtle worlds. The subjects will help people to reconnect with visible and invisible beings and learn to collaborate again. As caretakers, we need to include all beings that are visible to us, but also those beings that are invisible to us, like nature spirits, Devas, and subtle beings, like Dragons and Unicorns. Earth cannot move into the fifth world without the collaboration with all that exists on Earth. We call this the field of learning, exploring and collaborating.
  • Spiritual Ecology or Universal Ecology – The subjects in this field will help to understand that we, the Earth and all that lives on it, is part of the Living Universe. Metaphysical Ecology strives to fuse the pieces of a holographic fractalized universe so that we can better understand ourselves, the planet on which we live, and the integrated part we play with the Universe as a whole. Our purpose is to make this conscious to allow us to receive the support of the many relatives in the Universe. We call this the field of support.

We can only expand this new vision when we work from our heart and learn to contribute so that we can explore this new way of looking at this world and develop ways that will lead to the ascension of the Gaia system. Her we like to use a quote from author and visionary R. Buckminster Fuller:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Metaphysical Ecology provides such a new model.

Meet The Founders

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