A New View On Chakras

By Jaap van Etten, PhD

I want to start with a statement that is important for understanding chakras. The condition of the chakras reflects the degree to which we use our potential. They also reflect to what degree you are master of the reality in which you live. We use only a small part of our potential. With the term potential, I refer to our potential, but it also includes the ability to work with the potential that the Gaia system offers us.

Working with chakras is the journey of awakening your full potential as a spiritual Being having a human experience. Working with your chakras helps you to connect with your full potential. It allows you to train yourself to achieve the state of full human potential to the degree that is optimal for you in this lifetime. However, if you have no idea what this full potential is, you can never begin to develop it. Therefore, a connection with your potential is the first step to remembering and to developing it fully.

What are Chakras?

We usually talk about the seven chakras connected with our physical body. These seven chakras are very important energy centers within our human energy system. Chakras are the centers of our physical body. Their condition reflects the different ways we deal with the world around us. The best way to look at chakras is to see them as the colors of refracted white light. Before embodiment, the Soul is white light, the white light that reflects its connection with Source (Divine Light). When the Soul enters a physical body, that white light gets refracted into the colors of the rainbow in the same way as the white light gets refracted by a prism or sunlight through rain creating rainbows. Each chakra represents an aspect of our Soul and is expressed in different colors. If we lose our connection with these colors (qualities) or chakras, or when our connection is disturbed due to our personal experiences, we are not able to express the totality of our Soul into this physical reality. The colors lose their “aliveness,’ and the colors get murky (dirty), preventing our light from shining fully.

While the chakras reflect the ability of the Soul to shine out into the world, they also reflect our ability to interact with the world. The chakras not only send out, but they also receive information from the environment. That is important because they reflect our ability to interact!! They reflect whether we do that from a Soul perspective or a personal perspective (from our personality).

Almost all people have lost the ability to use the chakras or Soul qualities optimally. They even have forgotten, at least partly, what these qualities are. Therefore, it is important to expand our knowledge about these centers that represent our Soul qualities: our chakras.

These centers are called chakras (which means wheel in Sanskrit) because their location is where energy, and thus information, enters and leaves the physical body. It is a place of exchange between the Soul through the physical body and everything that surrounds it. At these chakra locations the energy spirals and when you look at them from the outside, it seems as if you are looking at a spinning wheel, hence their name.

Working with chakras has three main steps. Step one is to understand more fully what chakras are and what they represent. The second step is to understand why the chakras are not functioning optimally. The third step is to find ways to bring them back into balance so that the chakras can function optimally, and we can again let our light shine into this world.

In this article, we will look mainly at the first step. We would need a whole weekend workshop to look at all three steps (Such a workshop is available!!).

How many Chakras?

As you may know, different people describe the chakra system slightly or even quite differently. People mention certain numbers of chakras more often than others. People mention seven chakras most frequently, but 8, 12 and 13 and more have been used and described. Those who have read Gifts of Mother Earth (for more information on this book, click here [https://www.lemurantis.com/books.html]) may remember that I referred to a system of 12 chakras, of which seven are part of our physical system (Image 1).

While I strongly believe in the number of 12 chakras, because I found them as vortexes in the Earth system, I went through phases of confusion. This confusion started when I found what is called Landscape Temples (See article on the website by clicking here). The March/April 2016 issue of Frontier Magazine published an article in which I wrote about a Dutch Landscape temple. All landscape temples seem to have been created by our ancestors using the natural chakra vortexes of the Earth. These Earth chakra vortexes are totally in alignment with our chakras and our chakras fully resonate with them. The Dutch landscape temple is of Atlantean origin, and the Atlanteans worked with seven chakras. So, it seems that the idea of seven chakras is universal, used over long periods of time.

However, while studying a landscape temple in the Sedona area, which is of Lemurian origin, the situation was different. This situation seems to be a more complete picture. In this model Mother Earth holds the energies of 19 different chakras of which 14 connect to the physical body, and 5 are the bridges between the energy bodies of the human energy system that I mentioned in Gifts of Mother Earth. The people in the time of Lemuria used these fourteen chakras connected with the physical system. It seems that the people of Atlantis simplified the system into seven chakras and that is the system that we commonly use nowadays. It seems that our subconscious minds are now picking up that there are more chakras than those seven that are known, and that is why people begin to mention higher numbers. Based on the discovery of the Lemurian Landscape Temple, and the fact that I found 19 different Earth chakra vortexes connected with it, I accepted that we have 14 chakras connected with the physical system plus the five that connect our energy bodies.

I developed a whole workshop based on these findings. People experienced the workshop as being very powerful. It convinced me that this was a far more complete picture of the chakra system. I still believe that this is true. However, further studies of landscape temples in the Sedona area revealed that people in different periods used different numbers of chakras which we see reflected in the number of chakra vortexes they used for their temples. The previously mentioned Sedona Lemurian Landscape Temple seems to be the most extensive and a complete reflection of the chakra system.

Studying landscape temples and consciousness grids in the Sedona area generated an increasing amount of information. Based on the different systems and their frequencies I observed a pattern. This pattern led to the connection with the energies of the Sidhe, and later with the Founders (the first Souls that came to Earth). With the Sidhe, I wrote a book called Birth of a New Consciousness (for more information on this book, click here) With the Founders, I wrote a series of articles that the Sedona Journal of Emergence published between September 2016 and February 2018. Through the studies of their energy systems, a deeper connection and understanding of the chakra system unfolded.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe that Mother Earth shows a picture that is more complete than what people can tell me, even when their information comes from esoteric knowledge. However, this only works when I am open to see and discover what the Earth is offering us. That only happens when I do not have pre-conceived ideas. Unfortunately, I did have preconceived ideas. These ideas were that chakra vortexes were either predominantly spinning clockwise or predominantly spinning counterclockwise. Even though I had found neutral vortexes, I believed that they were so rare that I never checked the existence of neutral vortexes in relationship to chakra vortexes. When I learned that the Founders activated the chakra vortex system, it seemed that they were using the 12 chakras I had described in Gifts of Mother Earth and that they included the ones that were predominantly spinning clockwise or counterclockwise. This belief convinced me that the Founders worked with 12 masculine (counterclockwise) chakras and 12 of the feminine (clockwise) form. Therefore, I believed that the total number of chakra vortexes was 24. I saw the Lemurian system as a simpler expression of this system. There was one exception: the heart chakra. I found three different vortexes for the heart chakra. Therefore, I believed that it was only the heart chakra that showed a trinity, while the other chakras existed in a dual form.

Before I continue, I must confess starting with a statement that also functions as a warning. This warning applies especially to those who dowse, i.e., using a pendulum or dowsing rod. But my confession also has a general function. You will get what you believe. What you believe defines the space within which you can operate. I believed that there were two types of vortexes connected to chakra grids. Therefore, that is what I found. I, therefore, did not find the third type of chakra vortex: the neutral or child vortex. To my defense, I did not dowse incorrectly. I did not ask the right question because I had a pre-conceived idea. The neutral vortexes seem to always have a very slight dominance of the masculine counterclockwise aspect (less than 1%) in comparison to the feminine aspect. Therefore, if I asked whether a vortex had a dominate counterclockwise energy, I would get a confirmation for both the masculine and the neutral or child vortexes.

I remember very well the break-through. I felt an invitation to look for all the clockwise and counterclockwise chakra vortexes in the Founders area (in the Sedona, AZ area). In meditation, I felt that the Founders had activated one vortex of each type of chakra. As mentioned, that meant in my opinion that there are 24 chakra vortexes. In search of the last clockwise chakra vortexes, we found a chakra vortex activated by the Founders that was “counter-clockwise” which was a chakra vortex that “we had already found.” At least, that is what I thought. My confusion was big. It took a while and a lot of meditation and dowsing before I realized what was going on. I had called the masculine and child chakra vortexes all counterclockwise. This discovery led finally to the insight that there are three aspects or qualities of each of the chakra vortexes: a feminine, a masculine and a child or neutral. The chakra vortexes that I gave names to in the past, based on what I had found in landscape temples, were additional aspects of a chakra, belonging to one of the aspects of the Trinity. The Founders guided me to 36 chakra vortexes: three types of each of the 12 chakras. The three pictures in this article show the location of three of these vortexes.

Chakra 1 Feminine level 1 vortex

Chakra 4 Masculine level 1 vortex in a Sinagua ruin

Chakra 7 Neutral level 1 vortex

The energy flows

While I was happy that I had a better understanding of the chakra system, I still was not clear about how that worked in the human system. I do understand that what we call a “chakra” is, in fact, a chakra complex. I wanted to know the organization of this complex in our system. I connected with many different and often confusing ideas. One night I woke up and images began to flood my mind. First, I saw a triangle of light. I realized that this was the triangle of the sacred Trinity. Then the triangle started to spin. Its spinning direction first was clockwise, then counterclockwise, then both at the same time. I realized that what I saw was the spinning of the chakras in either of the three ways. It explained to me the spinning. This way of spinning may be another explanation of the term wheel (chakra).

Still, I was not sure about the actual location of the three types of each chakra in our body. Was there a fixed order of feminine, masculine and child? Or was it different?

Minds!! They work so linearly. I was almost obsessed with finding out the location of each of the three types of each chakra in our system. Whatever I came up with, it never felt completely right. Strangely enough, it also did not feel completely wrong. Then it dawned on me. In a certain phase or state, there is a certain order. However, this order can change, depending on the characteristics and needs of a certain phase in our lives, or due to a certain process. Initially, this did not make much sense until I realized that the three types of each chakra always have both spinning directions. These directions have one of the two as the dominant one, or they are about the same. It is not so surprising that the main direction can change, due to circumstances.

There was another important aspect that came to my awareness that night. Based on what I read in books and articles, it seems as if the flow through the chakras is in one direction. The basis of this idea is the flow of energy through the three nadis (energy flows, forming a trinity) and the idea of kundalini. Kundalini happens when there is enough flow through these energy channels, which depends on the condition of the chakras. However, this is not the only flow of energies. There is feedback between all the chakras and within each chakra trinity. For example, the sacral chakra influences the solar plexus as much as the solar plexus influences the sacral chakra.

To conclude: yes, the 36 chakras are linearly aligned. However, within this alignment, the location of the feminine, masculine and child aspect of the chakras may fluctuate, without breaking the alignment.

144 Frequencies

There was one last aspect that needed to be integrated. In Gifts of Mother Earth, I mentioned that chakra vortexes have four frequency levels. I was aware that the energy in these four levels increased with each level. I related these levels to the different energy bodies: the lowest chakra frequency connects to the physical system (the physical, etheric and astral bodies), the next level to the emotional body, the one after that with the mental body and the highest frequency with the spiritual body. Understanding that each of the 36 chakra vortexes exists in four different frequency ranges, logically implies that there are 144 chakra frequencies (36 chakra vortexes x 4 frequency ranges = 144 chakra frequencies) to master. Although we talk about 144 different frequencies, it is one system. The frequencies help us to understand what is involved. It is now up to us to learn how to work with these energies.

Based on the descriptions, it may be clear that the system of 7 chakras is a simplification of the system we have. When we activate more aspects of the chakra system and include the energy bodies, we get a dynamic interacting system with many flows and layers of energy. People, each in their unique way, begin to see aspects of this complex system. We hope that this article will stimulate many to explore this important and fascinating system further. We need to develop the chakra system as fully as possible to be able to fulfill our purpose on Earth by expressing our potential optimally.

To work with the 144 frequencies and to activate this system to allow a more optimal functioning of this system, we have developed a two-day workshop. If you are interested in organizing this workshop in your area or get more information about this workshop, please connect with me at jaap@lemurantis com.


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