A New Perspective of Our World

By Jaap van Etten, PhD

We tend to think inside the box. The box refers to the collective consciousness of humanity in our reality, colored by the specific environment in which we grew up and in which we currently live and work. Most people do not like to think too far outside the box because they are afraid of the possible consequences, such as, people may no longer like you, or, you may lose friends and even the support of your family. For many people, thinking inside the box creates a feeling of safety and belonging, whether it is true or imagined. However, this attitude and approach to life prevent us from making changes to help us to connect with our true self and contribute to changes in our world.

Most people will agree that humanity’s current way of functioning harms both our health and well-being and that of the planet and all that lives on it. Many people talk about the need for change. There even is growing awareness that we are destroying the world in which we live. Nonetheless, change has been minimal.

If we want to save ourselves and the future of this planet for our children and grandchildren, change on a larger scale is needed. It may be clear that this change will not come from governments and large companies. They all have their agendas that do not seem to have the well-being of people and the planet as the highest priority.

We have the power to change

If the change does not come from the top of our society’s structures, from where does change need to come? The answer is simple: the change needs to come from us. Change needs to come from the bottom up and not from the top down. We have the power to change whatever we want to change. However, we already mentioned that for most people change is challenging, and therefore, we need to support and invite each other to make two main steps. The first one is to think fundamentally differently. Once we think differently, the second step will be the willingness to collaborate to act upon this different way of thinking and set change into motion.

I want to share a few aspects of these two steps to help you understand what I mean and also how Metaphysical Ecology supports these steps. To quote Einstein: “You cannot change a situation with the same way of thinking that caused it.” That is a very clear and wise statement. To change the thinking and resulting actions which harm our world, we need to learn to think differently. But what does that mean?

Thinking differently does not mean reorganizing existing thoughts you already have because that will not fundamentally change things. We need to think in ways that are new and innovative, and then act in alignment with these new thoughts and ideas. In that way, we create new neural pathways in our brains that lead to a different way of functioning.

That requires a willingness to look at all aspects of our lifestyle and to be honest with ourselves in checking whether those aspects support us and everything and everybody around us, including the entire planet. We need the courage to do this as honestly as we can, and we need even more courage to actively change our thinking and actions, independent of what others think. That is for most people still very difficult to do and requires besides courage also strength and trust in themselves and their new ways of thinking.

To be able to change that much, we need support. That brings me to the second point. It is difficult to change when your environment does not support you. It is even likely that your environment does not want you to change. That is one of the reasons that change is so challenging. People often experience changes in somebody close to them as a threat for a variety of reasons. Therefore, when you want to change, find people that support you. Preferably, find people who are on a similar path.

Supporting each other makes it easier to change and create new ways of thinking and functioning. As much as social media can be a distraction that can keep you from making changes, they can also be used to find people and groups that support your process of change. Connecting with people that stimulate you in your process of change makes changing easier and more fun. After all, life is supposed to be enjoyable, and it is important to make change an enjoyable adventure. With others that look at life similarly, it will be easier.

When you truly understand this, you have come already to a conclusion. As much as you need a connection with people that support you, you also need to avoid those that do not support you. It is not always possible to do that totally, but at least do it as much as possible. Yes, it may lead to painful situations. Therefore, be clear what for you is most important: change that allows you to be you; or no change that makes you stay in a state of being dictated by the need of others. Realize that the reason that they do not want you to change, is to make their life easier; not because they love you. True love always supports a person who is on their journey of connecting with their true essence.

Metaphysical Ecology creates a platform that provides support for those that choose to change in ways that support the Gaia system as a whole. As long as new ways support the whole Gaia system, Metaphysical Ecology will support it. It supports the exploration of all ways we can image that may lead to changes that support the ascension of the Gaia system. The Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology is a non-profit organization that has been created specifically to stimulate changes in our way of thinking and support those with innovative thoughts, plans, and actions (https://ucme.international).

Subtle Worlds

So far we have talked about changes in a world that we can describe and understand through our senses. However, we want to go one step further. We tend to see the world in a way that is in alignment with how we interpret our world. We do that based on the information that we receive from our senses and interpret this information in a way that is generally accepted and in alignment with what we have been taught and told.

Admitting that the way we look at the world is very limited, is an important step in being able to make true changes. If we realize that our senses show us a world that is only a small part of what it is, brings up the question of what kind of reality exists beyond the senses.

Even science admits now that there are worlds that exist outside the perception of our senses. If we want to change, we need to be willing to open ourselves to these worlds. We call these worlds the subtle worlds. For almost everyone, these worlds are invisible. These worlds have energies and beings with which we connect all the time, although we do that mostly without being aware of that.

These subtle worlds are an integrated part of the Gaia system. Denying the existence of these worlds does not make them disappear. True change comes from admitting that we perceive the world with our senses in a very limited way and expressing our willingness to embark on a journey of exploring these subtle worlds, realizing that they are an inherent part of our environment. It is time that we open ourselves for these subtle worlds and the beings that live in it to allow them to be part of our approach to a new way of thinking and functioning.

Besides what you see there are many energies and invisible beings.

Are you aware that there also is a little Deva or Nature Spirit in this picture?

Most people do not realize that every human being has the potential to become aware of these subtle worlds and can learn to work with them to create a new understanding of our place in the world. The goal of Metaphysical Ecology is to understand the world in which we live on a larger scale than what we perceive with our five physical senses. We call it metaphysical because we include that which is beyond the physical: the subtle worlds with its subtle beings and subtle energies.

Including the subtle worlds – the worlds of nature spirits and other beings – used to be normal for our ancestors and it is still an integrated part of indigenous traditions. We need to find ways to include these subtle worlds and beings in our awareness and lives again if we want to create a harmonious world.

That is the new thinking that we are asked to start incorporating into our way of living. The only way to create a world in harmony is by including the subtle worlds. To create harmony we need to include all beings, whether they are visible or invisible. Any exclusion creates disharmony.

For some people, this may be a bridge too far. However, those who are ready will begin to change the way they think and function, and in that way also induce a change in others.

The visible and invisible Universe

While for some people invisible worlds as part of our planet may be already far-fetched, we can go another step further. What is true for planet Earth is equally true for our galaxy and the universe. We tend to define the universe by what we can perceive. However, what exists in the Universe is more invisible than visible. There are worlds within the Gaia system, within our Galaxy and within the Universe that have frequencies which make it impossible for us to perceive them with our physical senses. Also, there are worlds out of phase with ours, which also makes them invisible.

Those who are brave enough to start this journey will find that there are infinite layers of energies and worlds to explore. To be able to do that, we need to develop the ability to connect with these invisible worlds. The second step is to develop our brains to be able to translate the received energies into a perception that allows us to share our discoveries with others. Through sharing, we can help each other to develop a deeper understanding of what we now call invisible worlds. Once we understand their language, these worlds are no longer “non-existent” but become an integrated part of our reality. That is true change.

One way to connect deeper with the worlds outside of our planet is through portals. We will share more about these portals in the next article and share the excitement of discovering new worlds that may be more familiar than you may think.


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